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X-Carve vs X-Carve Pro CNC Comparison Tests


If you're in the market for a CNC machine, you've likely come across the X-Carve and X-Carve Pro from Inventables and might be wondering about the differences between the two, particularly when it comes to cutting and carving capabilities. To illustrate these differences, let's examine a few product examples.

A Tale of Time Savings: The American Flag

One popular project our customers frequently undertake is carving the American flag. Using the X-Carve, this project takes a little over an hour. However, with the X-Carve Pro, the carving time reduces to less than 30 minutes. That's more than a 50% reduction in time!

Efficiency in Multiplicity: Cutting Squares

The second example involves cutting a series of squares from a sheet of plywood. This scenario exemplifies a typical use-case if you're producing multiple similar parts. Here, the X-Carve Pro shines with its speed and larger work area.

Using the X-Carve, you can cut out 49 squares in 36 minutes. With the X-Carve Pro, not only does the time drop to just under 30 minutes, but you also manage to increase the output to 72 squares. That's an impressive uptick in efficiency!

Aluminum Carving: Strength and Rigidity

The final example highlights the X-Carve Pro's enhanced rigidity and stronger motors, making it an excellent choice for working with harder materials like aluminum.

For this test, we milled a simple circle pocket. The X-Carve took about six and a half minutes to complete the task. In contrast, the X-Carve Pro accomplished the same task in a mere two and a half minutes. That's a significant reduction in time, illustrating the Pro's superior performance with more demanding materials.

The Bottom Line

Whether it's time savings, increased work area, or superior performance with harder materials, the X-Carve Pro shows clear advantages over the X-Carve, making it a robust and versatile choice for your CNC needs.

If you're interested in learning more about these machines, visit for more detailed information. The right CNC machine for you depends on your specific needs, and we're here to help you make the best decision for your projects.