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Differences Between X-Carve and X-Carve Pro 4x2 CNC Machines


When it comes to carving your creative path, selecting the right CNC machine can be a decisive factor. If you have found yourself on our website considering our offerings, you may have noticed two models that stand out: the X-Carve and X-Carve Pro 4x2. We aim to shed light on the differences between these machines and help you decide which one aligns with your needs.


CNC Machines: A Quick Analogy

To simplify the comparison, let's draw an analogy with airplanes. The X-Carve resembles a hobby kit airplane. It's built for those who love tinkering and learning. The machine is an experiential tool— you assemble it, learn its workings, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. This hobbyist-aimed, cost-effective option is perfect for getting a grasp of how CNC machines work.

Conversely, the X-Carve Pro 4x2 is more like a private jet, a tool ready-to-use and designed to get you to your business goals. It comes at a higher price but offers the convenience of assembly speed and the power to drive your business forward.

Contrasting the X-Carve and X-Carve Pro 4x2

Let's dig deeper into the specifics of these CNC machines.

Build and Assembly: The X-Carve comes as a kit and generally requires 16 to 18 hours for assembly. In contrast, the X-Carve Pro 4x2, with its pre-assembled gantry, reduces the assembly time to about 2 hours.

Work Area: The X-Carve has a 29.5 by 29.5-inch workbed. The X-Carve Pro 4x2, on the other hand, boasts a larger work area of 48 by 24 inches.

Weight and Construction: The X-Carve, constructed with aluminum maker slides, weighs around 100 pounds. The X-Carve Pro, featuring more industrial methods and materials, comes in at a hefty 300 pounds, indicating its sturdier build quality.

Router vs. Spindle: The X-Carve utilizes a Makita woodworking router with a maximum bit size of a quarter of an inch, while the X-Carve Pro comes with a 2 horsepower spindle capable of accommodating bit sizes up to 3/8 of an inch. The spindle provides a broader range of RPMs and can be controlled directly through the software, enhancing your control over the cutting process.

Software: Both machines come with three years of Easel Pro, the world's easiest-to-use CAD/CAM/CNC software.

Warranty: The X-Carve offers a 6-year limited warranty, and the X-Carve Pro provides a 1-year limited warranty, extendable by two more years for an extra fee.

Which One Should You Choose?

The choice ultimately comes down to your intended usage. The X-Carve, with its hobbyist-focus, is an excellent choice for those who enjoy exploring the machine's workings and possibly starting a side hustle.

On the other hand, the X-Carve Pro 4x2 is designed for production. It's suitable for small businesses looking to expand their capacity or add new types of products to their offerings. The robust construction, faster operation speed, larger workbed, and superior spindle make it a valuable investment for business growth.

By understanding the key differences between the X-Carve and X-Carve Pro 4x2, you can make an informed decision about which CNC machine will best serve your needs. Whether you're a hobbyist or a business owner, there's a machine tailored just for you.