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Easel Cabinetmaker: A Game Changer for Custom Cabinetmakers


In an industry that's increasingly driven by innovation and efficiency, staying at the forefront of technology is key. For custom cabinetmakers, this means embracing solutions that not only simplify the design and manufacturing process but also optimize quality and precision. In this context, Inventables' new solution — the Easel Cabinetmaker software and X-Carve Pro CNC machine — is a significant game-changer.

Easel Cabinetmaker: An Intelligent Design Software

Easel Cabinetmaker is a user-friendly software that allows anyone to configure, design, and cut cabinets in minutes​1​. But what sets it apart is its smart functionality. The software optimizes the layout of nested parts, reducing material waste and ensuring the most efficient use of resources.

Whether you're creating a lower cabinet with optional doors and shelves or an upper wall cabinet, Easel Cabinetmaker supports a wide range of cabinet types and styles. This includes frameless box designs, flat-panel faces, and more. The software also accommodates various construction preferences, from custom cabinet dimensions to material selection for different cabinet parts​1​.

And the innovation doesn't stop there. Inventables is continuously adding new features, including custom cabinet templates, face-frame cabinets, and even an AI design tool that promises to take the cabinet design process to a whole new level of automation and personalization​1​.

X-Carve Pro CNC: Precision and Efficiency in Manufacturing

Complementing the Easel Cabinetmaker software is the X-Carve Pro CNC machine. This powerful tool integrates seamlessly with the software, allowing for automatic generation of cut-ready files that can be sent directly to the machine for manufacturing​1​.

The X-Carve Pro CNC machine not only ensures accurate, high-quality cuts down to .001 inches, but it also comes with integrated dust control for safer operations. This results in professional results without a steep learning curve, making it an ideal solution for carpentry businesses of all sizes​1​.

The Winning Combination

The combination of Easel Cabinetmaker and X-Carve Pro CNC offers an end-to-end solution for cabinet making. This powerful duo allows businesses to swiftly move from design to execution, ensuring a streamlined process that minimizes material waste and maximizes efficiency.

The impact on your business could be transformative. With this solution, design changes can be quickly implemented in the software and automatically reflected in your cutting files. This level of flexibility can significantly enhance your responsiveness to client requests, potentially leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased business opportunities.

Inventables is proving that no prior CNC or CAD experience is needed to leverage this platform effectively. Their solution is already helping businesses like Poughkeepsie Custom Woodworks expand revenue opportunities​1​.

In a nutshell, Inventables' Easel Cabinetmaker and X-Carve Pro CNC machine are not just tools; they represent a new way of thinking about cabinet making. They emphasize efficiency, quality, and innovation, making them the ultimate game-changers in the world of custom cabinet making.