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How Easel Cabinetmaker Optimizes Your Cabinet Production


Efficiency and waste reduction are crucial factors that can significantly affect the bottom line of any business, especially in custom cabinetmaking where materials are often expensive and the process can be labor-intensive. Inventables' Easel Cabinetmaker software offers a smart solution that aims to optimize your cabinet production process, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

Smart Design for Less Waste

One of the standout features of Easel Cabinetmaker is its ability to optimize layouts of nested parts. This intelligent feature ensures that you make the most out of every piece of material, reducing waste and saving you money. With this software, you can design your projects in a way that makes the best use of your materials, ensuring that every cut counts and nothing goes to waste​1​.

Fast and Accurate Manufacturing

In addition to minimizing material waste, Easel Cabinetmaker is designed to speed up the manufacturing process. The software can automatically generate cut-ready files, which can be sent directly to your CNC machine. This functionality eliminates the need for manual file conversion and preparation, saving you precious time and reducing the chance of errors.

Moreover, when paired with the X-Carve Pro CNC machine, Easel Cabinetmaker becomes even more powerful. The machine integrates seamlessly with the software and is optimized for rapid, precise cutting. This combination ensures that you can swiftly move from design to execution, cutting real parts on day 1​1​.

Flexible Design Changes

One of the challenges that custom cabinetmakers often face is the need to make design changes based on client requests. These changes, if not managed properly, can lead to wastage of materials and time. Easel Cabinetmaker addresses this issue by allowing quick design changes that automatically reflect in your cutting files. This feature not only reduces waste but also enhances your ability to meet customer demands efficiently and effectively​1​.


In the world of custom cabinetmaking, efficiency and waste minimization are key to profitability and customer satisfaction. By leveraging the smart features of Easel Cabinetmaker, you can optimize your production process, reduce waste, and deliver high-quality cabinets that meet your customers' needs. Whether you're a seasoned cabinetmaker or new to the business, this powerful software can revolutionize the way you work, setting you up for success in a competitive market.