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Easel Cabinetmaker: Revolutionizing Cabinetmaking from Design to Delivery


The world of cabinetmaking is a blend of creativity, precision, and efficient project management. As every craftsman knows, the success of a project hinges not just on the design but also on seamless manufacturing and accurate cost estimations. Easel Cabinetmaker, with its latest features, is set to transform every phase of your cabinetmaking journey. Let's dive into how.


Enhanced Design Features: Crafting Visions to Perfection

Gone are the days when cabinet designs were restricted by the limitations of your software. Easel Cabinetmaker's enhanced design features let your creativity flow unbounded.

  1. Room Layouts: Visualize your cabinet designs in realistic room settings. This tool not just aids in presenting a tangible vision to clients but also helps in foreseeing and rectifying potential design hitches.

  2. Custom Front Styles: Every space tells a story, and with Easel’s custom front styles, your cabinets can be the perfect storytellers. Whether your design ethos is contemporary chic or vintage charm, there's a front style waiting to be explored.

  3. Variety of Finish Colors: A perfect design is often accentuated by its finish. With an expansive palette, whether you're imagining a rustic barn finish or a sleek ebony, Easel’s got you covered.

Manufacturing Flexibility: CNC or Not, Easel’s Got Your Back

A beautiful design needs to transition smoothly into the manufacturing phase. Easel Cabinetmaker's manufacturing flexibility ensures that this transition is seamless, irrespective of your tools.

  • For the CNC Enthusiasts: Generate cut-ready files in mere moments, ensuring precision and efficiency.

  • Traditional Tool Lovers: Easel understands that not everyone has moved to CNC, and that's okay! With the new feature, create printable cut lists tailored for traditional manufacturing methods, ensuring every piece fits just right.

Project Cost Estimation: The Era of Guesswork is Over

Any seasoned cabinetmaker knows the perils of inaccurate cost estimation. Overquote, and you might lose the client. Underquote, and your profits could take a hit. Easel Cabinetmaker’s project cost estimation tool is the game-changer here.

By automatically calculating the essentials – from materials and hardware to other components – the software provides a comprehensive cost overview. All that’s left for you to do is to input your costs and desired mark-ups, ensuring that your quotations are as precise as your designs.


Easel Cabinetmaker isn't just software; it's a comprehensive cabinetmaking companion. By addressing challenges across the design, manufacturing, and costing phases, Easel ensures that craftsmen can focus on what they love most – creating stunning cabinetry. With these new features, the sky is truly the limit for what you can achieve in the world of cabinetmaking.

Consider Easel Cabinetmaker for its ease of use, comprehensive features, and continuous commitment to improvement.