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What's New with Inventables (January Updates)

Every month, we publish a roundup of the latest product updates and newest videos. Here's everything you might have missed in January:

Easel Updates (For All Users)

Rotate Shapes (Easy Volume Rotation)

Easel Rotate Shape


We've implemented a quick rotate feature for all Easel users! With a shape (or multiple shapes) selected in the design view of Easel, the Shape window of the Cut/Shape modal now includes a button under "Rotation" that will rotate the selected shape(s) counter-clockwise with each press. No need to type in your degree measurements for simple 90-degree rotations!


Easel Pro Updates

Edit Tabs in 3D

Easel Pro users can now edit the tab placement for their 3D carves! When using a full-depth cutout at your cut style, you can select the edit button (next to "Use Tabs") to adjust the positioning of your tabs.

Easel STL Tab Edit

This allows users to keep tabs away from hard-to-reach areas like corners or delicate parts of the relief. The tab quantity and dimensions for 3D projects will continue to be calculated by Easel.


New Videos

Is A CNC Better than Traditional Tools?

Have you ever wondered how a CNC compares to a typical woodworking/cabinetmaking shop? Let's jump into the advantages of a CNC and how it can be used to supplement and improve your current workflow.

HubSpot Video

Top Easel Pro Features for Business

Easel Pro, our professional CNC design software, has a ton of great features! Let's go through some of the features that can help you grow your business.

HubSpot Video

Common 3D Model Problems for 3D Carving

With our newly launched feature, 3D in Easel Pro, we've received questions about the 3D models themselves. Let's dive into what 3D models are, where to find them, and some of the problems you might encounter when they come into Easel.

HubSpot Video

Stay tuned for our next roundup at the end of this month!