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Unveiling the Power and Speed of Easel Cabinetmaker with X-Carve Pro


Greetings everyone, my name is Brandon and I'm part of the Inventables team. Today, I am thrilled to share our journey of making a cabinet using our remarkable software, CabinetMaker, integrated with the formidable X-Carve Pro.

A Simplified Journey from Idea to Finished Product

CabinetMaker, coupled with X-Carve Pro, is the perfect combination to convert your woodworking ideas into reality. Our goal is to make the process as straightforward as possible while providing you with all the essential customization options. Although our software continues to evolve with additional features influenced by professional cabinet makers, the core functionality remains constant.

Building a Single Base Cabinet: The Process

For this demonstration, we'll be constructing a single base cabinet to give you an insight into how swiftly you can achieve it. Our software offers various dimensions and settings, which you can tweak as per your requirements. We're using a 3/4 inch thick plywood for the body of the cabinet and MDF for the door in a Shaker style. By toggling on and off, you can visualize your design, including hinge holes, for precise execution. After setting all the parameters, the design is ready to transform into a CNC-friendly format.

Nesting: Arranging Pieces Effectively

The next step is to flatten all the pieces onto a sheet of plywood, ensuring optimum space utilization. CabinetMaker software handles this task intelligently, arranging all pieces on the selected material – in our case, a four-foot by four-foot sheet of plywood for the body and the same-sized MDF sheet for the doors.

Easel: Visualize and Make Adjustments

Now, with everything set, we move into Easel, where you can visualize your design in real-time and make changes as needed. It splits the work into different pieces, each labeled for easier understanding. Once you've decided on the layout, you can start with cutting. Using the quarter-inch up cut bit, we simulated the cutting process, which estimated around six minutes for the first panel, comprising three parts.

Material Loading and Cutting Process

With the design ready, load your material onto the X-Carve Pro machine. Go through the setup menu and commence the cutting process, which we performed on two different sheets: three-quarter inch plywood and MDF. It took approximately an hour to go from a design-less state to having cut-out parts, reflecting the time estimates we initially saw.

Beyond Single Cabinets: Crafting Full Kitchens

While this demonstration was based on a single cabinet, you can extend the process to build an entire kitchen. Adding base cabinets, wall cabinets, and vent hoods, you can construct an entire kitchen design swiftly. You can even generate a link to share the design with your clients, receive feedback, and make real-time alterations.

CabinetMaker software paired with X-Carve Pro is not only powerful but incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to build functional, professional-quality cabinets with ease. If you're interested in exploring more, head over to and sign up for a trial of Easel to experience the full potential of our software and machine.