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How Wayne's Wood Shed Uses the X-Carve to Build a Successful Business

Wayne, a retired Army veteran and the owner of Wayne's Wood Shed, an Etsy shop located in Galesburg, Michigan. Wayne specializes in creating hand-crafted, custom-carved wood treasures, all of which are made in Michigan using the X-Carve and Easel Pro.

Having spent a career building new homes and commercial buildings, Wayne discovered a passion for finished carpentry. He has transferred this experience and passion to his woodworking projects, creating one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted wood treasures. He welcomes custom orders and is known for promptly answering customer messages.

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As of January 12, 2023, Wayne has made over 1,279 sales, totaling $40,441. This is an exceptional return on investment, as the X-Carve costs only a few thousand dollars to purchase outright or as low as $69 a month with financing through Affirm.

Wayne’s best sellers are planters in the shape of dogs and other animals like Cows and bunnies.  He also makes signs with inlays, cutting boards, and other decorative items.

Wayne attributes part of his success to the partnership he has had with Inventables. For Wayne it goes beyond reliable hardware and easy to use software; he believes excellent customer service provided by Inventables is a difference maker. He stated that he has had only one major issue with his X-Carve in the three years he has owned it, a broken wire, and that the Inventables technical support team quickly solved the problem.

He also mentioned that he might need to expand his shop to keep up with demand, as he currently has to stop taking orders when he reaches 50 to clear his backlog.

"I love Inventables' customer service, because when you have to send an email if you have a problem or call for technical support, your company answers immediately with helpful and knowledgeable technical support. I had one minor issue in 3 years, and it was solved faster than expected."

- Wayne

The success of Wayne's Etsy shop is a prime example of how a retired veteran can turn his passion and experience into a successful business. The X-Carve allows Wayne to turn his passion for woodworking into a profitable venture. Additionally, the exceptional customer service provided by Inventables played a key role in Wayne's success, as it allowed him to quickly and easily solve any issues that arose with his X-Carve.

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The small investment in a high-quality X-Carve machine paired with excellent customer service from the Inventables team can be an important piece of the success of a new business. Wayne's Wood Shed serves as an inspiration for those looking to turn their passion for woodworking into a profitable venture, especially for retired veterans like Wayne who have found a new passion and purpose after their service.

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To check out Wayne's Wood Shed, visit his shop on Etsy.