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Harness the Power of CNC for Cabinet Making


In the world of cabinetmaking, it's often the norm to adhere to traditional methods of using manual power tools. However, at Inventables, we've created an innovative solution that combines the power of our X-Carve Pro CNC machine with the versatility of our Cabinetmaker software. In a comprehensive video walkthrough, our team member, Brandon, explains how these tools can be a game-changer for your cabinetmaking business.

The video can be divided into two key segments - designing with Cabinetmaker software and the practical cutting process with X-Carve Pro CNC machine.

Designing with Cabinetmaker

With Cabinetmaker, you can design single cabinets or entire kitchens quickly and seamlessly, a process that is far more time-consuming when done manually.

The software provides a real-time preview of your design, allowing for immediate adjustments and client feedback. The constant updates and improvements on the software ensure that you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving cabinetmaking industry.

The Cutting Process with X-Carve Pro CNC machine

Once you have the design, it's time for the X-Carve Pro to take over. The parts for your design are nested together, optimized to fit the sheet goods you're using. Unlike with traditional tools, the CNC can position parts in any orientation, providing maximum usage of materials.

Safety is another major advantage of using a CNC. Since the spindle moves independently, your hands never come close to the blade, which drastically reduces the risk of accidents.

Scaling Your Business

With the X-Carve Pro and Cabinetmaker, scaling your business becomes significantly easier. If demand increases, simply use your CNC machine more. If necessary, additional machines can duplicate the production process, all while freeing up your time to handle other aspects of your business like assembling, painting, and sanding.

In the video, Brandon demonstrates how he created a cabinet from scratch using our system, with the entire process taking just over an hour.

Discover the power of CNC for your cabinet making business. Dive in, start designing, and see how Inventables' solution can help grow your business. Watch the full video here (insert link) and get started on your journey with Inventables today.

Improving Safety Measures

A key highlight of the video is the emphasis on safety. Manual power tools invariably pose a certain degree of risk, especially when dealing with intricate cabinet designs. The X-Carve Pro's design keeps you completely removed from the cutting bit, significantly minimizing the risk of accidents.

In addition to safety, the integrated dust collection system ensures a clean, particle-free workspace, preventing potential health hazards from fine wood dust.

Enhancing Production Capacity

Inventables understands the challenges faced by growing businesses, especially in meeting increasing demand. The traditional way of cabinetmaking, though effective, might not always cater to surges in orders.

That's where the X-Carve Pro CNC machine shows its real power. It's designed to support your business as it scales, efficiently handling large orders without the need for additional labor. Simply put, it takes over repetitive tasks, freeing you up to focus on other aspects like assembling, painting, and finishing.

Brandon's video demo further showcases how the entire process, from idea to finished parts, takes just a little over an hour. It's a clear testament to the potential efficiency gains your business can achieve by adopting the Inventables solution.

The Verdict

In summary, the combination of the X-Carve Pro CNC machine and Cabinetmaker software is a winning duo for your cabinetmaking business. Offering a seamless design process, improved safety, efficient production, and scalability, these tools can help you take your business to new heights.

However, seeing is believing. That's why we encourage you to experience the power of our solution firsthand. Sign up, jump in, and start designing. Explore how our system can serve as a stepping stone for growing your business.

For a more comprehensive understanding, watch Brandon's full video here or head to to find more resources and information. We look forward to seeing you in the next video!