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Enter to Win a Signed Metallica One-of-a-Kind Flying M Guitar

We’re excited to announce the beginning of a partnership between Inventables and the band Metallica

Today, we’re revealing the one-of-a-kind Flying M guitar and a chance for you to win it.  The guitar is made with precision on the Inventables X-Carve Pro CNC machine and has been signed by each member of the band. For as little as $10 it could be yours. To enter, head over to the donation platform Fandiem All money raised will go to Metallica's non-profit organization All Within My Hands and will benefit students participating in the Metallica Scholars program.  Students can use this money to assist with their expenses ranging from tuition and certification fees while they learn important skills like cabinetmaking, CNC machining, and welding.

Giveaway Details

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With your donation, you are entered to win:

A Custom "Flying M" Guitar

  • Autographed by all four members of Metallica
  • One-of-a-kind custom design based on James Hetfield's Flying V guitar
  • Designed and built by Highline Guitars and Inventables

End Date: 03/15/2023


All Within My Hands

In 2017 the members and management of Metallica launched All Within My Hands, a non-profit, philanthropic organization dedicated to creating sustainable communities by supporting workforce education, the fight against hunger, and other critical local services.  

For a decade, Inventables has built CNC software and machines and we are very excited about the workforce education focus of the Metallica Scholars program.  Now more than ever, there is a shortage of qualified people entering the trades and we hear from our customers daily about their struggles with the labor shortage.

Metallica Guitar

Flying M

At Inventables, we are passionate about empowering makers, tradespeople, and entrepreneurs to generate income from their work. That is why we are proud to support the Metallica Scholars Initiative, which is helping to advance job skill training for community college students. We believe in the importance of career and technical education. 

To help raise money for the Metallica Scholars program we teamed up with an Inventables customer named Chris Monck the luthier behind Highline Guitars.  Together we designed a fully functional art guitar called the Flying M. 

The guitar is inspired by James Hetfields' iconic flying V and features the M for Metallica, made using our software and CNC machine. 

Flying M Guitar Body Being Cut (1)The guitar is carved from Mahogany and sheets of aluminum composite, equipped with EMG Kirk Hammet's signature pickups, a Gotoh Floyd Rose Tremolo system, Hipshot locking tuners, and jumbo frets. Chris used Easel Pro software and the X-Carve Pro to cut the parts for the body, neck, fretboard, inlaid Metallica ninja star logo, as well as the composite aluminum M shapes that we installed on the body.








Enter to Win a Signed Metallica One-of-a-Kind Flying M Guitar

We are thrilled to have the support of Metallica's fans through the All Within My Hands foundation and encourage everyone to head over to Fandiem for a chance to win this unique guitar and support a great cause that provides education to those who need it.

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