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We’ve Launched 3D in Easel Pro!

  You asked, and we delivered! 3D has been one of the most requested features for Easel, and the Inventables team is excited to announce that it has officially launched! 3 D carving is now available with each Easel Pro subscription - for no additional cost.  What You Can Do with 3D in Easel Pro Take the guesswork out of 3D carving. We’ve made 3D easier than ever with Easel Pro. Import an STL file with the click of a button, watch as Easel auto-generates CNC toolpaths, and let your machine get to work. Earn more money. Easily produce high-quality, unique 3D carves with a higher perceived value. Diversify your product offerings. Our 3D functionality allows you to upload just about any 3D model. From topographical maps to 3D flags, easily bring your ideas to life. Need More Information? Still have questions? Check out our 3D Support Articles to learn more. Not sure where to find STL files? Check out our blog post for a full list of sources.

8 Best Sites to Download STL Files (For 3D Carving)

Easel Pro now has 3D! So now what? Let’s walk through:  What STL is Where to find 3D STL files How to know which STL files are the best for carving 3D in Easel Pro What is an STL File? Easel Pro allows you to import 2D images like JPG, DXF, or SVG file formats for carving 2.5D projects like flat signs with V-Bit engravings. Now, you can also import 3D STL files for carving 3D reliefs with a file size upto 100 MB. STL is a 3D file format native to CAD software created by 3D Systems. It can be used for cutting that changes height to achieve details at different depths or with CNC machines that can move in all three axes at the same time (like X-Carve and X-Carve Pro). The format is commonly available, which is why we chose it for 3D in Easel Pro. There are many STL files which are used for 3D Printing, and these have a full 3D shape. These kinds of files will work, but with limited success in CNC router applications. You can also use other software tools to convert other 3D model file fo