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Easel CNC Software Updates

There is a lot to love in Inventables Easel CNC Software . Over the years, we’ve listened to the Inventables CNC community to learn how they use their machines and what features they look for in the CNC software. Brandon takes us through some of the updates made to Easel for 2021 & 2022. Here are some highlights with the video following. Some features are available on the free version while others appear for Easel Pro users. Software support for more CNC Machines We know that the community of CNC carvers uses many different CNC machines. To provide these users with the best carving experience, we’ve expanded our catalog of supported CNC Machines. To add the 3018 machines, you can set up your machine specifications in Easel. We’ve also added many popular machines to the machine selection drop-down. Here are some of the more popular CNC machines that are supported by our Easel CNC Software. Generic 3018 Machines Bob's CNC Croncraft Longmill Maslow MillRight MySweety Onefinity Ope