Top Woodworking Magazines You Should Subscribe To

As a woodworker or CNC machinist, do you ever struggle to come up with new ideas for projects? Are you still figuring out which tools work best in different situations? Are certain techniques a bit too intimidating to try?

Even the most experienced people working in crafting and design struggle with these issues.

But one of the best ways to combat creative blocks or overcome intimidating new concepts is through exposure to new ideas and techniques. That’s why good ol’ magazines are actually a terrific resource.

No matter what level of skill or experience you’re at, there are a ton of woodworking publications that can provide inspiration for your next project or insight into a new tool or technique.

Here are five woodworking magazines that you should consider subscribing to.

Wood Magazine 

Price: Annual subscription (7 issues) $19.99

Wood Magazine is one of the largest print woodworking magazines in circulation and for good reason; it is a fantastic resource for hobbyist woodworkers. Issues cover a variety of subjects complete with in-depth analyses and discussions of project plans, tool reviews, and expert opinions. 

While it may not be the best resource for absolute beginners, it’s one of the best options for sharpening your skills and broaden your tool kit.


Price: 2 Year Subscription (12 issues) $29

Woodsmith is another example of excellent content and resources, especially for the more experienced woodworkers. Written and compiled by experts, any issue of Woodwmith Magazine is chalked full of detailed project plans and technique overviews.

Step-by-step instructions, full illustrations, and four decades in publication make Woodsmith one of the best woodworking magazines out there.

Popular Woodworking

Price: Annual Subscription (7 issues) $19.99

Popular Woodworking is a fantastic resource for building the foundational knowledge of woodworking. Providing a mix of hand and power tool projects, tips and tricks, and tool overviews, Popular Woodworking is full of technical drawings and illustrations that are suited for craftsmen of all skill levels.

Woodworkers Journal

Price: Annual Subscription (6 issues) $19.95

Woodworkers Journal is another great all-skill-levels publication. With straightforward step-by-step instructions, the full-color illustrations make projects easy to conceptualize and carry out on your own.

Issues also include monthly product reviews and tool tutorials. Fantastic for novice and experienced woodworkers alike, there’s something for everyone in Woodworkers Journal.

Woodshop News

Price: Annual Subscription (12 issues) $21.95

Geared towards professional shop owners, Woodshop News provides a bit of a different experience than the typical ‘project plans and tool reviews’ layout. Woodshop News offers columns on the latest products and tech, success stories, and advice on running your own shop.

Whether you’re a grizzled vet who’s been running a shop for decades or trying to get yours off the ground, Woodshop News is an excellent resource for you.

Whatever your skill level is, there are many affordable resources available. A quick investment could mean a world of difference between where you’re at now and where you could be a year from now. So give it a shot and see what skills and inspiration you can get for your next X-Carve projects!


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