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Top Woodworking Magazines You Should Subscribe To

As a woodworker or CNC machinist, do you ever struggle to come up with new ideas for projects? Are you still figuring out which tools work best in different situations? Are certain techniques a bit too intimidating to try? Even the most experienced people working in crafting and design struggle with these issues. But one of the best ways to combat creative blocks or overcome intimidating new concepts is through exposure to new ideas and techniques. That’s why good ol’ magazines are actually a terrific resource. No matter what level of skill or experience you’re at, there are a ton of woodworking publications that can provide inspiration for your next project or insight into a new tool or technique. Here are five woodworking magazines that you should consider subscribing to. Wood Magazine  Price: Annual subscription (7 issues) $19.99 Wood Magazine is one of the largest print woodworking magazines in circulation and for good reason; it is a fantastic resource for hobbyist woodworkers. Is

5 Tips on How to Write a Killer Product Description

  If you’re running an online shop, a strong product description can make a world of difference in your conversion rates. But writing product descriptions that simply describe your product is a sure way to lose out on sales.  The best product descriptions don’t simply inform, but rather, persuade your customers to buy.  By using a handful of copywriting techniques, you’ll be able to convince those choosy customers to click “Add to Cart” and send those conversion rates soaring. Here are 5 tips on writing killer product descriptions to sell your X-Carve products. Identify Your Ideal Target Audience Before you start writing your product description, you’ll need to define your ideal customer.  Who exactly is your product made for? What is the age or gender of your audience? How did they find your shop? Do they have interests in common? What benefits would entice them? Doing so will allow you to cater to specific buyer personas. The language you’d use to sell a wedding sign is different th

5 Back to School CNC Projects

  August has come again and with the end of the summer in sight, the perennial back-to-school mania has also returned.  Which is great news for X-Carve owners looking for inspiration because we have some fantastic projects for just this time of year. If you’re seeking inspiration for new projects to give the kids a leg up this coming school year, we’ve got the projects for you. Here are 5 back to school projects you can create on Easel and the X-Carve . Wooden Laptop Stand This wooden laptop stand comes to us courtesy of Warren from One Wood Woodworking Videos .  Complete with its very own storage compartments, this elegant laptop stand is made from 18 different ¾” boards which have been glued together to create this fantastic piece that’s perfect for any teen starting middle school or high school. Locker Organizer Beyond Design’s first entry onto this list is a wall-mounted locker organizer. It’s carved from a ½” HDPE sheet to create the shelf and pegboard while the top half is carv