Making Money With CNC Machines: X-Carve & X-Carve Pro

"Can I make money with a CNC Machine?" 

Like any business, making money in woodworking and specifically with a CNC router, takes dedication and work. Given the willingness to do what it takes you can make money as a side job or a full-time occupation using either the X-Carve or the X-Carve Pro (both with Easel CNC Software) as part of your tool set.

We often get asked "wich one is better for me?".  So, our community manager and CNC expert, Brandon, put together this video to show you the differences between the X-Carve and the X-Carve Pro.

The ROI for the X-Carve Pro vs the X-Carve

Brandon takes us through the steps to show the differences in Return-On-Investment (ROI), by using both machines in the making of the same chair. 

Integral in the Inventables X-Carve/X-Carve Pro ecosystem is the Easel CNC Software. It is a very easy to use CAD/CAM saftware that is designed to work seemlessly with the X-Carve CNC machines. We start the process from the design within Easel.

Two important factors to note that are demonstrated within Easel. 1) Because of the larger service area, X-Carve Pro can accommodate 2 chairs in one setup while the X-Carve cuts one at a time and 2) the speed for cutting the one chair on X-Carve is over 2 hours vs 20 minutes for two chairs on the X-Carve Pro.

In addition to improved speed, the X-Carve Pro has better accuracy and finishes, meaning sanding and assemply won't take as along.

When taking the full start to finish in design, carve and assembly, the X-Carve Pro provides an 81% reduction in time (34 minutes vs 185 minutes). 

Overall, including the cost of materials, labor and the machines, Brandon takes you through the ROI of each machine at different production levels. 

By the numbers, the ROI will depend on what are are carving, how many days you are carving, and how well you are selling. For the chair in this example, the differences are shown below.

CNC Machine ROI Chart

Which Inventables CNC Machine it right for me?

Each person's product mix, resources, and timeline are different. The X-Carve Pro has some distinct advantages in speed, regidity, accuracy, and depth of cut. The products you are creating, or the role the CNC machine plays in your production process may not require the enhanced capabilities of the X-Carve Pro. This is something you need to consider as you review the specs of the different machines.

If you have question, or just want to bounce ideas off one of our experts, we would love to speak with you. You can all us at 312-775-7009, or email our support team at 

A couple of things to know about us at Inventables. 1) we truly want to be sure you have the right machine for you situation, and 2) we will be here (along with the entire Inventables community) to support you an besure you have everything you need to get the most out of Easel and your X-Carve or X-Carve Pro. We will be with you long after you get your machine.

Final thoughts

Brandon has shown the potential ROI of the chair. But you have other ideas and you need to be able to price and sell them. Check out our posts on where to sell your projects, how to use time & materials pricing, and how to use market-based pricing.


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