Best X-Carve Projects for the Kitchen

This week on our inspiration series, we’ll look at some fantastic CNC pieces you can put to use in the kitchen. Check out some of these awesome projects others have made with Easel and X-Carve!Cutting Board with Epoxy Inlay 

Cutting boards are the classic kitchen utensil for CNC machines. In this design, Frank used a food-safe epoxy inlay to give this cutting board a personal touch. 

You can import your own image into Easel or create your own design to carve into a store-bought cutting board. Just be sure to do a test run on some plywood first.

Once you have your inlay path carved out, use an industrial syringe to inject dyed, food-safe epoxy into the path. Allow it time to cure and sand down until it’s level and voila. 

Fluffy Wine Bottle Rack

Wine racks are another great opportunity to test your abilities with the X-Carve. Charles has produced a beautiful wine bottle rack out of 8 board feet of 3/4" red oak. For this particular design, you’ll need two 13”x24” panels and five 1 ⅛” x ¾” bars, which you’ll connect using square tenon joint.

While this piece is a bit more time intensive than a cutting board inlay, it’s an elegant design that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Napkin and Condiment Stand

Jeff from Hawaii put together this lovely piece, a napkin and condiment stand. This project calls for ¼” plywood for the sides and ⅜” for the base. You’ll be able to incorporate whatever design you like and add some paint or, in this case, some glass particles to the holes.

Penrose Trivet

Teams Design put together a few geometric trivet designs that give an awesome 3D illusion. They incorporate four different kinds of wood and an HDPE sheet whose contrasting colors give the appearance of shadows, really making the 3D element pop. However, this design can be done with a single color wood and still give you a fully functional trivet.

Using ⅜” plywood as a base and ⅛” of cherry, maple, and walnut, and ¼” HDPE the gradient that arises makes this a unique way to bring creativity to your kitchen.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own personal use or you’re looking for unique products to sell, the Inventables project library offers countless unique applications for Easel and X-Carve. Stay tuned to our blog for tips on getting your CNC business going and more project ideas to spark your creativity.


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