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Create Professional Product Photos Guaranteed to Sell

The visual presentation of your X-Carve-made product plays an enormous role in a customer’s decision to buy or continue scrolling. Because eCommerce shoppers can’t touch or interact with a listed product, the only thing they have to base their decisions on are images, descriptive text, and reviews. As a result, one of the keys to success on an eCommerce platform is beautiful, professional-looking product photos.  Easier said than done, right? That’s why we’ve put together some tips on the principles of product photography that will help you take stunning photos of your X-Carve products that are sure to sell. Lighting Lighting is one of the most fundamental aspects of photography. As an amateur photographer, you’ll have two paths to choose from: studio lighting and natural lighting.  One of the best things for beginners is to play around with natural lighting. Place your setup in front of a window that receives a good dose of sunlight. But be careful as direct sunlight can wash out your

5 Best Woodworking Books for CNC Machinists

  One of the great things about the rise of the internet is the opportunity it provides creative people to learn an entirely new craft. One of the reasons the maker community is flourishing today is, in no small part, thanks to YouTube, social media, and blogs.  Bite-sized content allows people to find topics that interest them, discover new techniques or ideas, and explore a wide range of possibilities. However, there’s a lost appreciation for the value and knowledge that can be found in a good book, the author of which has put thousands of hours into research, writing, and editing. So we’ve compiled a list of books for all skill levels of woodworking. Many of them provide a more comprehensive, in-depth, or even philosophical view of the craft than you might find in a YouTube instructional video or blog article. Here are some of the best books on woodworking for aspiring CNC machinists. The Why & How of Woodworking: A Simple Approach to Making Meaningful Work In The Why & How

5 Mistakes YOU WILL Make as a CNC Beginner

Like any artistic or technical endeavor, CNC machining isn’t about avoiding mistakes but rather, learning from them. And as a beginner, you are sure to make a lot of them. Here are five mistakes that almost every CNC machinist makes early in their journey and some tips and tricks on how to correct them. Incorrect Bit Speed One of the most intimidating aspects of running a new CNC machine is managing the speed of your bits.  No matter what type of bit you’re using, carving your material is going to generate a ton of friction. And a ton of friction means a ton of heat; so much so that you will most likely burn a few bits or pieces of wood before you learn how to control the speed of your bits. In order to minimize the amount of heat your cuts generate, you need to balance two factors: feed rate and speed rate.  Feed rate is the speed at which the bit moves through the material. Speed rate is how fast the bit rotates, measured in RPM. The ideal rates will vary depending on the bit, the ty

Making Money With CNC Machines: X-Carve & X-Carve Pro

"Can I make money with a CNC Machine?"  Like any business, making money in woodworking and specifically with a CNC router, takes dedication and work. Given the willingness to do what it takes you can make money as a side job or a full-time occupation using either the X-Carve or the X-Carve Pro (both with Easel CNC Software ) as part of your tool set. We often get asked "wich one is better for me?".  So, our community manager and CNC expert, Brandon, put together this video to show you the differences between the X-Carve and the X-Carve Pro. The ROI for the X-Carve Pro vs the X-Carve Brandon takes us through the steps to show the differences in Return-On-Investment (ROI), by using both machines in the making of the same chair.  Integral in the Inventables X-Carve/X-Carve Pro ecosystem is the Easel CNC Software. It is a very easy to use CAD/CAM saftware that is designed to work seemlessly with the X-Carve CNC machines. We start the process from the design within Ease

Best X-Carve Projects for the Kitchen

This week on our inspiration series, we’ll look at some fantastic CNC pieces you can put to use in the kitchen. Check out some of these awesome projects others have made with Easel and X-Carve ! Cutting Board with Epoxy Inlay   Cutting boards are the classic kitchen utensil for CNC machines. In this design, Frank used a food-safe epoxy inlay to give this cutting board a personal touch.  You can import your own image into Easel or create your own design to carve into a store-bought cutting board. Just be sure to do a test run on some plywood first. Once you have your inlay path carved out, use an industrial syringe to inject dyed, food-safe epoxy into the path. Allow it time to cure and sand down until it’s level and voila.  Fluffy Wine Bottle Rack Wine racks are another great opportunity to test your abilities with the X-Carve. Charles has produced a beautiful wine bottle rack out of 8 board feet of 3/4" red oak. For this particular design, you’ll need two 13”x24” panels and five