New X-Carve Upgrade Kits are Here

Today, we launched the official Inventables X-Carve Upgrade Kit. This kit makes your X-Carve faster, more rigid, and more accurate—with a typical 3x improvement in material removal rates. Rather than tell you, let us show you the upgrades in action.

This kit is the culmination of years of talking to X-Carve users, and being one myself. X-Carve changed my life, and I talk to customers almost every day whose lives are changing because of X-Carve. This kit is going to help grow their businesses, meet their customers’ needs, and continue to chase their dreams—and that is something I’m proud to be a part of.

For those of you who don’t know, prior to joining Inventables, I ran a company that made upgrade kits for the X-Carve called TBD CNC. When we made the decision to join forces with Inventables, it was because Zach made me a promise that the only thing that would change was the resources that I had access to. I would still work for the customer first, and Inventables second. I can confidently say that he has held up his end of the deal.

In my first days at Inventables, there was a big decision to make: charge forward with the existing upgrade kits or redesign them from the ground up with the Inventables resources? It was a no-brainer. Do it the right way.

Utilizing Inventables’ resources, we redesigned these upgrade kits to include all the things we learned at TBD CNC. The kit we have put together is a big improvement from the parts that inspired it. The most exciting part to me, though, is that we were able to do all this while also reducing the price by nearly 20%. It’s the best of both worlds.

In case you missed the launch, you can check it out here. Happy upgrading!

Until next time -

Luke Wilson

Senior Product Manager, X-Carve


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