Four Fantastic CNC Bit Organizers

If you’re like most X-Carve owners, you’ve probably come to the realization that a lack of organization can be a frustrating, headache-inducing nightmare. And if you haven’t come to that realization yet, you will. 

Sorting and systematizing your tools and workspace is a skill that many woodworkers pick up early in their hobby or career. However, CNC machines require a unique set of tools which means you need a unique way to keep everything organized. 

Sure you could go out and buy a bit or tooling organizer. But what’s the point of owning a CNC machine if you can’t make one yourself? Here are four CNC bit organizers you can create yourself to stay organized and keep on track.

CNC Tooling Organizer

Starting off small, this MDF tooling organizer is perfect for makers looking for a way to store their bits. The project is easily modified for individual needs. It’s a compact, reliable way to ensure your bits are always right where you need them. Thanks to Jimmy out in Hawaii for posting this project.

X-Carve Accessory and Tool Organizer

Jumping up in size, Kristen’s X-Carve Accessory and Tool Organizer provides a bit more real estate to fit your X-Carve accessories clamp set including 27 bits, wrench, precision collet wrench, and collet adapters. With a 15”x7” footprint, it’s an ideal accessory for the rest of your accessories.

Bit Tray 4.0

Similar to our previous entry, this bit tray provides bountiful space for all of your tools and accessories but with a bonus. HM Print & Design Wayne Hesler Mondore added further organization capacity thanks to the various labels that are part of the design. The 12”x24” layout is a perfect fit for a workbench drawer.

Drill Bits and Sortimo Box Cabinet

Maybe one tray isn’t enough to hold all of your CNC bits and accessories. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to organize all of your workshop accessories. If that’s the case, Cristiana has created the project for you.

This cabinet will certainly take more than an afternoon to carve and piece together, however, its utility as an all-purpose storage apparatus will be worth it for anyone trying to organize their space in true DIY fashion.


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