Easel Pro Tiling: Creating Designs Bigger than Your Workspace

One of the great features offered by Easel Pro is the tiling feature which allows you to carve a design that is larger than your machine’s workspace. Here’s how it works:

The tiling feature will automatically activate when your design is larger than your work area. What’s great about this feature is that Easel Pro will calculate the size of the tiles based on your design and the size of the machine. In the pictured example, Easel has divided this design into four tiles, as shown in the tiling menu below.

You’ll have the option to add a one-inch overlap between each tile, creating a smoother transition. 

There is also the option to select ‘entire material’. You’ll use this if your material is larger than your machine workspace but your design is small enough to be carved in one go.

Once you’re happy with your settings, select the tile you wish to create first and click ‘carve’. 


The carve menu will display the new ‘align material’ setting which will tell you how far your material needs to be from the bottom of your machine.

In this example, the first tile should be flush with the bottom of the machine (as shown above). However, if you’re carving the second tile, your material should be 480mm or 18.9” from the bottom. 

And that’s tiling in Easel Pro!


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