DIY Chair Projects for X-Carve CNC Machine

Furniture making is a staple of woodworking. It provides the opportunity to create something with real utility and although the principles of furniture making are relatively straightforward, once you have the foundational skills down, there is endless room for creativity.

Easel and X-Carve make it easy to create amazing furniture pieces like the ones down below. The fantastic maker community at Inventables has put together some really unique projects. Here are a few creative chairs for you to try your hand at or take inspiration from on your next X-Carve furniture project!

Living Hinge Plywood Lounge Chair

This piece comes from Molly and Dylan over at the Woodbrew YouTube channel and it’s a great example of what creative woodworking techniques can be used in furniture making. 

They incorporate a bit of engineering into their project by using a technique known as a living hinge. The back of the seat has a pattern of material carved out and this decreased density allows the plywood to compress and bend as shown.

This chair is made out of ¾” plywood with walnut end caps. Give the live hinge a shot. A technique like that could open up many other project opportunities. 

Elephant Chair

While this children’s elephant chair might not incorporate any advanced or trendy woodworking techniques, it’s a great example of allowing yourself to be creative and have fun with your projects.

The example chair uses ¾” baltic birch plywood. The X-Carve will cut the four main components, the two sides, seat, and back of the chair so then all you need to do is drill, screw, and paint and you’ve got yourself (or your kids) a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. 

This style is easy to get really creative with. Maybe you’re not feeling an elephant so instead, you could do...

Otter Chair

An otter chair! This project design also comes to us from Christopher who designed the elephant chair as well. 

This design is a bit more intricate but no less cute and fun. Let your inner artist shine and see what creative projects like this you can develop.

Plywood Accent Chair

Back to basics with this one. Sumanth provides us with a solid desk or accent chair. This one requires the most assembly on our list but it makes great use of both a variety of joints and classic glue and screws to keep it all together.

This chair project provides a good opportunity to familiarize oneself with how these members all typically work and fit together. 

Hopefully, the ideas and techniques found in this list provided some inspiration for your next project. Whether you want to incorporate a living hinge in one of your own projects, want to put together a fun animal design, or create your own study chairs, Inventables’ fantastic maker community is here to help.


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