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Easel Pro Tiling: Creating Designs Bigger than Your Workspace

One of the great features offered by Easel Pro is the tiling feature which allows you to carve a design that is larger than your machine’s workspace. Here’s how it works: The tiling feature will automatically activate when your design is larger than your work area. What’s great about this feature is that Easel Pro will calculate the size of the tiles based on your design and the size of the machine. In the pictured example, Easel has divided this design into four tiles, as shown in the tiling menu below. You’ll have the option to add a one-inch overlap between each tile, creating a smoother transition.  There is also the option to select ‘entire material’. You’ll use this if your material is larger than your machine workspace but your design is small enough to be carved in one go. Once you’re happy with your settings, select the tile you wish to create first and click ‘carve’.    The carve menu will display the new ‘align material’ setting which will tell you how far your material nee

X-Carve Upgrades On The Way!

  We can't wait to share some exciting news we've been doing our best to keep under wraps  (spoiler alert: some powerful upgrades are making their way into the Inventables shop!).    Mark your calendar for  Thursday, June 3rd at 1PM CT  to be the very first to get all the details  — we'll be making several  big  announcements and you won't want to miss them! You can subscribe to the event on our YouTube Channel.

Best E-Commerce Platforms to Sell Your X-Carve Projects

Many X-Carve owners purchase their machine seeking to turn their love of woodworking and carving into a part-time or eventually full-time business. There are countless success stories of makers who were able to take what they love and develop a fulfilling and lasting career. But the first sale is the most difficult one to make. For many creatives, jumping into the world of e-commerce and online marketplaces can be an intimidating one. There are so many types of e-commerce platforms and individual providers that it can be tough to know which ones best suit your needs. In this article, we’ll look at three categories of e-commerce sites available for entrepreneurs and a few examples of each. Marketplace Listing Platforms Marketplace listing platforms are ideal for makers trying their hand at selling their projects. Marketplaces such as Etsy, Artfire, Amazon Handmade, and others put your products in front of a large audience. Etsy Etsy is the near-ubiquitous marketplace for selling homema

DIY Chair Projects for X-Carve CNC Machine

Furniture making is a staple of woodworking. It provides the opportunity to create something with real utility and although the principles of furniture making are relatively straightforward, once you have the foundational skills down, there is endless room for creativity. Easel and X-Carve make it easy to create amazing furniture pieces like the ones down below. The fantastic maker community at Inventables has put together some really unique projects. Here are a few creative chairs for you to try your hand at or take inspiration from on your next X-Carve furniture project! Living Hinge Plywood Lounge Chair This piece comes from Molly and Dylan over at the Woodbrew YouTube channel and it’s a great example of what creative woodworking techniques can be used in furniture making.  They incorporate a bit of engineering into their project by using a technique known as a living hinge. The back of the seat has a pattern of material carved out and this decreased density allows the plywood to c

New tool paths in Easel Pro save you time, money, and bits.

Oftentimes the shortest path between two points is the best path to take. During our latest Easel Live Event we released optimized toolpaths, improved safety heights, ramping, and more—all features focused on helping you save time, prolong tool life, and make Easel even easier to use. Read on to find out more about these new features, and learn why we built them. Customer feedback is the engine that drives product improvement. Easel Pro is no different. In talking with customers over the phone and Zoom, and reading the myriad of posts on Inventables Forum and Facebook groups, we learned that user experience with toolpaths left much to be desired. When V-carving complex carves with V-bits—the most popular Easel Pro feature—the bit sometimes seemed like it had a mind of its own. It would move from one corner of the workspace to another, and then back again. Most of the time, the bit would be spinning in the air wasting precious time. As you can see in this image, there’s a lot of green l

X-Carve Pros Start Shipping!

  After years of research and development, the first batch of X-Carve Pros started shipping on May 5th! Members of the Inventables’ Hardware and Ops teams are at our distribution facility in Tennessee inspecting the first X-Carve Pro's going out. Those who have previously ordered an XCP should have received an email on when their specific unit will ship. We'll update folks if anything changes from the latest estimates we sent. Please email for any questions regarding your order. Orders placed today are estimated to ship by August 2021.

Beginner's Guide to CNC Bits | CNC Router Bit Types

Early in your CNC journey, choosing the right bit for your projects can be a little intimidating. As CNC machines, like the X-Carve , have become more and more diverse and nuanced, so have the bits they use to make the cuts. There are so many options and uses out there it can become overwhelming pretty quickly. This article will provide you with a basic overview of the most common types of bits used in CNC machining, the pros and cons of each type, and for what material you’ll want to use them on. The Basics Before we dive into the actual types of bits, it’s important to get a hang of their general geometry and terminology. Feed rate: The feed rate is the speed at which the machine runs the bit laterally through the material. Speed rate : The speed rate is how fast the spindle rotates the bit; measured in revolutions per minute Flute: a flute is the cutting edge of a bit that is threaded along the bit’s axis. Bits will generally have between 1-4 flutes and different flute counts prov