Mothers Day Inspiration X-Carve CNC Projects

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us. There are only a few weeks left to put together an amazing gift that will both show your love and appreciation as well as provide her with something useful or beautiful (or both!). There’s no better way to craft a handmade gift than with the X-Carve

So whether you’re gifting a one-of-a-kind item to your own loved one or looking for ideas to expand your shop’s inventory, we’ve put together a list of fantastic project files to inspire your next amazing Mother’s Day project.

(click on the images to see the project file)

Signs, Frames, and Wall Art

Signs are a staple of CNC projects. A flat surface provides makers with a blank canvas onto which they can carve whatever their imagination can come up with.

This sign, created by David, is a great template for a mother’s day project. As far as signs go, the possibilities are endless. Any personalized design or inside joke can go a long way and the only limit is your imagination.

But a flat sign isn’t all there is. Michael created this awesome mirrored gold acrylic lettering which makes for a unique set of wall art.

What says family more than photographs? A personalized picture frame, like this one from, holding a sentimental photo is an unbeatable Mother’s Day gift.


Jewelry and jewelry containers are another fantastic option made easy by Easel and the X-Carve

These wooden heart-shaped earrings from Tyler are a great gift for moms and wives and they’re a great example of just how fine and detailed a project can get. You can put this project file to use or get creative with your own design.

Earrings, bracelets, necklaces. If you can name it, you can carve it. These necklaces by Alex are a great example of what a creative eye can do with Easel and X-Carve, even if all you have is tiny scrapwood laying around.

Now, she’s going to need somewhere to keep all of her wearables and this magnetic jewelry holder is the perfect idea. Robert designed this one with magnets embedded inside to keep everything in place. However, an idea like this can be customized for a totally unique gift this Mother’s Day.


Pots and planters are another area in which makers can get really creative. Just check out these acrylic frames for air plants created by Teams Design. It’s a unique and functional design that makers can take a ton of inspiration from.

This modern planter stand from Benjamin and Erin can fit a variety of pots for indoor and outdoor accents and decor.

These hanging planter frames can be customized to go with any modern or rustic room and make a great gift for mom. These were designed by Sam and provide a unique feel.

Don’t stress this year about finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Take inspiration from these awesome designs and give your mother, grandmother, or wife something to remember!


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