CNC Projects for Bathroom Accessories

When trying to brainstorm your next X-Carve project, sometimes one of the best places to look for inspiration is right in front of you. Little office or kitchen accessories can make great projects but today, we’re going to look at four bathroom accessories that you can make with the help of Easel and X-Carve.

Hardwood and Corian Shave Kit

This first project comes to us thanks to Fred from Ohio. This shave kit is a modular set which is perfect for keeping things organized in a small space. 

To get started, you’ll need ¾” thick hardwood board (this project file uses cherry), ¼” thick Corian sheet, and super glue. A ⅛” milling bit should do the trick as well. However, if you’re planning on cutting the holes for the scissors, a 1/16” bit is recommended. This particular kit is designed for QShave products however, adjustments for different sized products are easy to make with Easel.

Now you’re ready to carve out your materials, glue your wood and Corian together, sand the whole thing down and add a nice finish, if you prefer, and you’ve got your own versatile modular shave kit holder!

Shaving Kit Stand

Darick put together another fun project to hold your shaving gear. Unlike the modular setup from the first project, this kit assembles into one finished piece.

For this one, you’ll need a ¾” thick board and some glue. Your X-Carve will cut out the top and bottom portion of the stand while the post can be cut out using the machine or by hand or with a table saw. Then it’s time to sand it all down.

You can assemble this project with glue and a few ⅜” dowels. A drill can be used for the holes in the post/ Now you’re ready to stain and add a clear coat to protect against water. This will be in a bathroom after all.

Tooth Brush Stand

This toothbrush stand was posted thanks to MakerSpace Zurich in Switzerland. This cup uses several layers of cuts, giving it a really cool appearance as the grain patterns contrast between each other layer.

To get started, all you’ll need is some glue and a ½” thick wood board. This project uses MDF wood. The first step is to carve out all of your layers, the number of which can be adjusted based on how tall you want the finished product to be.

Then sand it all down, glue them together, and sand them again. Now it’s time to finish. Remember to add a water-resistant coat!

HDPE Soap Dish

Beyond Design of Chicago brings us our final project on the list. This piece features a flowing pattern of channels created to give it a ‘floating aesthetic.’

To get started on this one, you’ll need a ¾” HDPE sheet and that’s it! First, you’ll carve out the pocket of the dish before milling the pattern on top. Then, you’ll need to flip the material over to mill the chamfer on the bottom. Cut out the profile and there you have it. Your very own homemade soap dish!

Inventables’ maker community is constantly posting new and creative projects like these. Be sure to check out more projects you can make using Easel and X-Carve, the easiest CNC machining system in the world.


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