8th Line Creations - Growing The Business Using X-Carve & Easel Pro

Running any business is a challenge. You look for tools and partners that give you an advantage, and when you find them, you double down. 

In 2015, Debbie Lee, owner of 8th Line Creations, purchased her first X-Carve. Since then, she has purchased larger X-Carve units to meet the growing demand for her woodworking and CNC business. It wasn’t just the X-Carve CNC machine though, it was the complete CNC solution, including the Easel Pro CNC Software

Added value through customization and unique projects are common applications of the X-Carve & Easel Pro combination. Since Inventables designed the software and the hardware for ultimate compatibility, the speed from concept to product is very quick. This allows businesses to improve margin with added value pricing and save costs through faster production. 

To get the most out of customization, combining a stock product with customizable features that can be applied within the production flow is a great way to add value in minimal time. Debbie does things ranging from simply carving a name onto an item to the creation of custom Wooden CNC Carved Diaries, Notebooks, Journals, and Guestbooks. One of the key elements is to plan how the customization will take place within your workflow.

Another application Debbie mentions is using the X-Carve in the creation of parts. We actually see this quite a bit with our customers. For building and selling items like jewelry boxes, or even tables & chairs, there are often component parts that have to be made. While a CNC machine is not the primary tool, it is great for mass-producing components that are used in the assembly; think cross rails, arms, etc of chairs. It’s like having a non-stop second pair of hands on the assembly line.

You’ll notice in her video that there are a couple of other applications Debbie mentions as well. Creating jigs is one of the best tools to improve production time and consistency. Additionally, creating fixtures for the shop keeps things organized for easier access. With the X-Carve and Easel Pro, businesses are creating fixtures that are designed specifically for their operation. While the customers may never see these things, they definitely help make the products the customers do see better.

Woodshops looking for advantage benefit greatly from the combination of the X-Carve and the Easel Pro CNC software. Because these tools were created to work seamlessly together, the process from design to production is smooth and repeatable. If you’re not sure about adding CNC to your set of tools, give us a call. We’ll be happy to talk with you about your shop and see how these powerhouses can help you earn more money.

For shops that are building bigger projects, or that need heavy-duty commercial strength CNC routing, check out the X-Carve Pro.


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