4 Awesome DIY Jewelry Projects for X-Carve CNC Machine

 One of the great things about the X-Carve is that it allows makers to put their own unique spin on everyday things. Jewelry is a great example of that. Instead of buying typical metal and stone jewelry we’re so accustomed to, you can carve an original design using Easel and cut your very own piece out of wood, acrylic, Corian, or just about anything you can imagine.

Here are some great DIY jewelry projects you can make with your X-Carve and Easel.

Inlay Necklaces

This first piece is thanks to Alex from Chicago. She put together a beautifully unique wooden and aluminum inlay necklace which will be the first of our projects today.

Her materials:

First, mill the settings where the aluminum will sit. Because the aluminum is about 0.02”, you’ll want the pockets to be a bit deeper, about 0.03” deep using a 1/16” milling bit.

Next, create the holes for the chain. You can either mill them or use a Dremel tool and a tiny drill bit. Avoid using a drill press as the pressure might crack the wood. Then, you’ll want to cut the aluminum pieces. Again, you have the option to mill them or cut them using a metal sheer. Remember to make the strips a touch smaller than the holes they’ll be fitted into.

Finally, you’re ready to place the strips into their pockets. If they fit snugly, perfect! However, you always have the option to glue them to the piece. Add a chain of your liking and you’re wooden inlay necklace is ready to go!

Bronze Acrylic Owl Rings

Next up, we have these adorable owl rings by Jules, also from Chicago.

For this project, you’ll need Brushed Bronze on Black Laserable Sheet, available here, and some super glue.

This piece is relatively straightforward. Using your Easel and X-Carve, mill both the face of the owl and the ring itself. Then, glue the base of the ring to the owl.

And there you have it!

Wood Cuff Bracelet with Inlay

Our third piece for today, again, comes to us from Alex. Made from wenge (or any hardwood) and a silver and gold acrylic sheet, this beautiful bracelet project file can be adjusted to fit any wrist size.

The first step is to position and cut your wood, which should be ⅛” thick. Your machine won’t cut the bracelet around 100% of the circumference. It will leave a few tabs connecting the bracelet to the rest of the wood it was cut from. Simply push the bracelet out and sand down the remainder of the tabs.

Then, it’s time to cut the acrylic. As with the wood, there will be small tabs keeping it in place when finished cutting. Carefully push the cut from the sheet.

Finally, apply a layer of glue along the channel for the inlay. Place the acrylic in the channel and let it dry and then your wood cuff bracelet is ready to go!

Rustic Arrow Jewelry Dish

You’re going to need somewhere to keep your jewelry and this rustic arrow dish is perfect. Easy, too!

You’ll need 6" × 12" × 1/2" Walnut and some wood glue. Using a ⅛” bit, cut your wood pieces being sure to secure your piece with tabs, as in the previous, or using double-sided tape.

Then, glue both pieces together and sand down the rough parts. Apply a finish if you’d like, and your rustic arrow dish is done!


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