Barnwood Sports Design: Let Passion Lead Your Work


Like most X-Carve and small business owners, Tim Kuncis’ journey began with his passion. Since childhood, Tim was a baseball fanatic and as an adult, he combined his passion with his individual knowledge and skillset to create something original. 

While working as a contractor, he was able to design and sell his very first woodworking piece: an American flag with a unique rustic design. The piece was such a big hit that he quickly sold a few more and not long after, a friend recommended taking the rustic flag design and shaping it into a home plate. And thus, the signature design of Tim’s Barnwood Sports Design was born.

Barnwood Sports Designs’ Signature Piece

What sets Tim’s business apart is his signature piece, the rustic home plate design, for two reasons.

First, the design is one-of-a-kind. It’s the kind of piece that grabs attention and guarantees your friends and guests will ask about it when they see it hanging in your home or workplace. The rustic, weathered look adds so much character and sense of history to a design that is so obvious in its inspiration yet isn’t something you see that often. 

Secondly, it’s totally customizable. If friends see it hanging in your house and want one for themselves, great! They’re able to order one that is completely original and unique to them.

The basic design and appeal remain the same, making things easier and more efficient for the creator. The X-Carve and Easel give you the opportunity to produce awesome pieces just like this; unique yet simple in its basic design while being flexible enough to create something original every time you make a new one.

Take Your Dream to Heights You Never Imagined

Great success often blossoms from small beginnings. This is certainly the case for Tim at Barnwood Sports as well as many other X-Carve small business owners.

Not long ago, Tim was selling a small, original design to friends and family. Now, he’s a licensed artist with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Team USA baseball.  For a small business owner, that’s huge. But he’s not done yet. “I can only imagine what this is going to lead to,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve touched where I’m going yet.”

For passionate designers and woodworkers like Tim, the X-Carve gives you the ability to bring that passion and creativity to life. Inventables’ rich ecosystem of manufacturing and design provides the support and inspiration you need to bring your hobby or small business to the next level and achieve the freedom to continue doing what you love.

Tim’s journey teaches us that passion begets passion. If you follow what you love, you’ll find others that love it as much as you. There’s no telling where you’ll be able to take your passion with the world's easiest CAM/CAD software and CNC machine.


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