4 Quick and Easy CNC Machine Ideas

 4 Quick ‘n Easy CNC Machine Ideas

Looking for a quick project you can make with your X-Carve CNC Machine? Well pull up a stool and have a gander at some of these quick and easy Easel projects you can make with the X-Carve in an afternoon or less.

  1. A Box for your Tissue Box

Our first project comes to us thanks to Danny from Indiana. It’s a box for your tissue box. The best part about this nifty project is it’s customizability; it can be designed however you like to best match the room it’ll sit in. 

All you need is ¼ inch wood (it’s best to stain or paint the wood before you start carving). Our Carbide V-Bits will work best, you can find them here. But in case you don’t have one, upcut bits will work as well.

Once you’re done carving, use a table saw to cut 45 degree edges so the pieces will fit seamlessly together. Glue them up, put on some finishing touches if needed, and you’ve got yourself a cute accent for your bathroom or a great gift.

There are a number of cute designs in this project but you can create your own!

  1. Wedding Date Sign

Spring is nearly upon us and with it also comes wedding season! What better gift for anyone about to tie the knot or celebrate an anniversary than a personalized wedding sign?

Seth brings us this elegant sign that, of course, can be changed to the appropriate names and date. Like our tissue box, the V-Bit works best with this project (90 degrees is the best, but not the only option). 

The example in this photo is solid walnut. Whatever wood you use, just be sure the workpiece dimensions match the design.

Once you have your piece carved, it’s a good idea to use sanding sealer to create a smooth foundation. Then, once dried, apply two coats of paint to the lettering. After the paint dries, sand the front of the piece to remove the paint on the face (the paint on the lettering will remain).

Apply an optional coating of polyurethane for an extra glossy finish and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous wedding sign!

  1. Toy Cop Car

Up next on our X-Carve power hour is a toy cop car which comes to us byway of Jeremy. Cut from birch plywood at least 1’ x 8”, this car is a fun little retro toy that can bring joy to anyone. 

This project is pretty straightforward. However, to save time on the carving board, you could delete the axel holes in Easel and drill them yourself. Once carved, it’s time to sand the edges down and paint in whatever design appeases you. Then attach the wheel, and there you go! Your very own home built toy car reminiscent of pinewood derby cars.

  1. Desk Organizer Tray

Here’s a practical little project: a tray for keeping your desk a bit more organized. This one comes to us from Venezuela; thanks Ronald!

This piece is cut from ½” MDF Wood with a ⅛” upcut bit. Much like the cop car, this piece is pretty simple. Secure it firmly to your waste board and let Easel and X-Carve do the rest!

Once the CNC machine has done its thing, sand and paint and you’re ready to be slightly more organized than you were an hour ago!

Easel Projects You Can Do in an Hour or Less

For all the creative makers out there, we have a ton of CNC projects you can complete in less than an hour. For all kinds of projects you can do with your CNC machine, check out our project collections


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