3 Homemade Smartphone Amplifiers Made with X-Carve CNC Machine

 Let’s face it. The speakers on most smartphones aren’t great. 

We’ve all been in that situation. You’re trying to listen to music or podcasts while washing dishes or attempting to watch a video with a big group of friends and those speakers just aren’t loud enough to reach everyone's ears.

Of course, there are Bluetooth speakers or headphones but those aren’t always the most practical solution. 

Instead, all you might need is an acoustic boosting dock. That simple little device can make a world of difference and you can create one using Easel and your X-Carve CNC machine. 

Here are three acoustic boosting docks made by some of our creative makers!

Passive iPhone Amplifier

The first smartphone amplifier on our list comes to us from Warren Downes from the One Wood Woodworking channel on YouTube.

This amplifier takes inspiration from classic amphitheater designs; it essentially uses a series of circles stacked on top of each other, each row decreasing in size to form a cone-like shape, as shown.

All you’ll need to make your piece is a pair of 8” framing timber pieces glued together.

This piece uses 19 layers of circular cuts, the largest of which is 70 millimeters in diameter. Each subsequent circle is 3mm smaller.

Once your timber is aligned on the X-Carve, you’re ready to carve! Now all you have to do to sand and finish your piece and viola! Your very own iPhone amplifier!

iPhone 6 Dock and Acoustic Amplifier

Our second smartphone amplifier was created by Simon Matthews, whose piece was inspired by the first entry on our list. 

Although using the same general design and acoustic principles as above, this one adds a bit more flair and includes an inverted layered cone on the outside in addition to the functional acoustic design on the inside.

For this amplifier, you’ll need a 2x6 piece of wood milled down to a thickness of 1.4”. From there, it’ll involve the same basic process as the first. However, this project uses deeper cuts and fewer circles.

Corian Phone Amplifier

Maker Beyond Design brings us this nifty little device. Instead of wood, this piece is carved from Corian. 

Unlike the first two which used a cone, this design features a layered rectangular profile to boost the phone’s acoustics. Each layer is milled from a ¼” material and carefully glued and clamped together one at a time with a flat back profile to reinforce the thin wall section for the phone slot.

The project plans for these games can be saved directly to your Easel account. From there you can start carving or add your own touches to the designs. If you have some of your own game designs add them to the CNC community by sharing them in the projects section.

If you are looking for materials for the projects, check out the woods and Corian we have in stock.


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