Inventables acquires TBD CNC

Please join me in welcoming TBD CNC to Inventables!

Today, I’m excited to announce Inventables has purchased TBD CNC, the company behind the X-Carve Ultimate Upgrade Kit. Luke Wilson, the founder of TBD CNC, will join Inventables as the Senior Product Manager in charge of the X-Carve product line.  

The story of TBD joining forces with Inventables is representative of our core ethos of a community of helpful and supportive people.  Luke has been an incredible contributor to the community. He has led moderation of an X-Carve Facebook Group, designed and sold upgrades, all with the goal of helping people improve their machines.

The more we talked, the more our excitement grew around the potential of working together on our shared vision of helping bring manufacturing technology into the hands of millions of people. During our conversations Luke said “if we’re going to the same place it probably makes sense to carpool”.  Inventables is focused on making accessible tools that help people earn income.  We’re investing in adding features to Easel Pro to give both more capability and better profitability to our business customers, we launched X-Carve Pro, and today’s announcement helps customers that aren’t ready for X-Carve Pro but want more performance from their X-Carve.  The upgrades, shown below, include wider 3GT belts, clips, and pulleys, a direct drive Z axis that replaces V-Wheels with linear guides, taller end plates to give more Z carving depth.

In our testing we were able to achieve the same dimensional accuracy at up to 4 times faster material removal rates using the upgrades.  What joining forces means for you, our community, is we will be able to offer X-Carve upgrades to a larger portion of the community and give new customers the option to upgrade when making the initial purchase.  In addition Luke will have a larger platform to develop even more innovations with our team in the years to come. We have long admired Luke’s approach and we’re honored we get to work together side by side.

We are excited to share more about the timelines for what will be available in the coming months. If you are interested in getting an email alert when the upgrades are in stock shipping same day please add your name to the waiting list.

Stay tuned!



This is awesome! I have bought some of the upgrades from TBD CNC and they are great.
Unknown said…
when will z axis will be available to purchase
Zach Kaplan said…
We don't have a specific date but you can sign up to get an email alert.

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