Easel Pro Updates


We’ve just released a lot of significant updates to Easel Pro, the subscription upgrade to our Easel software. These features optimize workflow, saving business owners time and helping them make more money. Our goal is to simplify your CNC carving, and we believe these updates will take your carves to the next level.

Speed Improvements

First, let’s talk about an update that applies to both Easel and Easel Pro. The page loading speed has increased nearly 10x. With many technical updates behind the scenes, you’re able to get from idea to carve faster than ever before.

Moveable Workpieces

Workpieces are a great way to cut out multiple designs or define multiple cut settings per workpiece. Now, these workpieces can be rearranged by simply dragging them around the bottom toolbar.


Finding the right bit and material has never been easier with Toolbox. Save bits and materials to your specific account from Inventables or customize ones from a 3rd party supplier.

Bits and materials are easy to add or remove and show up for quick access in the cut settings for each toolpath.Speaking of cut settings, these can also be saved for any combination of bit and material and edited at any time within Toolbox.


Have you ever tried to cut across the grain on a piece of wood? It’s easy to tear-out and get a final finish that isn’t quite what you were looking for. Now Easel Pro features raster cut settings that allow the tool paths to follow the wood grain direction. These are great for milling out large pocket sections in your design and feature both x and y directions for a smooth surface finish!

Machine Parking

Imagine you’re batching out a ton of different signs that are all the same design. Every time you finish a cut, you need to move the gantry and spindle to remove your sign and clamp down the next one. With machine parking, this is a one-click option at the end of every cut. You can move the gantry both above or below the workpiece to a specified distance without losing the initial work origin.

Large Material Tiling

Have you ever wanted to carve out something larger than the X-Carve work area? Now it’s a lot easier with our brand new tiling feature. You can carve out a design of infinite size (in the y axis) by creating separate tiles that stick together to make one large design. Before, there have been some workarounds to create these tiles, but now this option is automatically available anytime your workpiece is larger than the work area.

Custom Font Library and Text Effects

The custom font library now features over 300 fonts. You can sort by category to find the look just right for your project. You can also apply text effects to each of those fonts to make them even more unique!

Pro Design Library

The Easel Pro Design Library features millions of unique designs to import directly into your next project. With a simple search, you’ll have countless options to choose from. These can be imported as both an outline and fill and are editable just like any other design path.

Want a full breakdown of features in Easel Pro versus Easel? Check out this article, which covers them all!


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