Paul Jackman. Interview by Brandon Collum

Bandon Collum and Paul Jackman had a great conversation about the X-Carve Pro and Paul's work with it to create large articulating hands.

BC: What was your first impression of the X-Carve Pro? 

PJ: The X-Carve Pro comes in a crate, and it's six or eight pieces. The whole gantry is all assembled. I got it together in a couple hours, maybe, and that's because I was taking my time. But it's, it's a very, very simple thing to put together. I was surprised. And I didn't have to like trim it or do anything fancy, like it was already very square and ready to go out of the box. 

BC: When I first saw your pitch [for the articulated hand], I didn't realize it was going to actually work. How did you make the mechanism work? 

So I basically cut out each finger on the X-Carve Pro in pieces and then sandwiched it together in three layers. And then within the three layers in the center, there were pockets cut out at the top for a bungee cord and then at the bottom for a piece of paracord. And the bungee cord returns it to straight. 

BC:  So I saw on your stories, it looks like you're making a really crazy sign artwork. The ton of ash you've been carving out, is that coming up?

PJ: Yeah, so that should be out in a week or two. It's kind of a combination of ideas. I've seen these cool, wavy, just kind of art displays you see in office spaces. I think they're just a cool, just wall-hanging art piece. I thought it'd be cool to make that kind of like a functional art piece. So I kind of turned it on its side and made it into shelves. 

BC: What's next year, 2021? 

PJ: I want to build a boat...this property we rent it from my old shop teacher from high school...and he's an old boat builder from back in the day. So I think it'd be really cool to build a boat alongside him and him, kind of get him on camera teaching a little bit too. It'll be a long-term project. But I'm hoping by the summer that might be done so we can drop it out of the second floor of the shop and drop it in the water right behind it. 


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