Paul Jackman: Carved Giant Articulating Wooden Hands

How quickly you can bring new products to market often depends on how quickly you can prototype. As Paul Jackman at Jackman Works showed us, the X-Carve Pro puts the rapid in rapid prototyping. 

Rapid Prototyping

There are some products that can’t simply be done on the first try. The giant hands build is just such a product. With many carved parts needing precision assembly and the flexibility to move freely at all the joints, obtaining the right measurements required multiple prototypes.

“It allowed me to do rapid, repetitive, prototyping.”

-Paul Jackman

By using Easel Pro[link], Paul was able to quickly modify the carves and send them to the X-Carve Pro[link]. Each revision advanced the design a little at a time until the fingers moved perfectly.

It’s not just the Easel Pro CNC Software that allows for faster prototyping. It is also the power of the X-Carve Pro. In the video, you’ll notice that Paul is carving 2x lumber. The X-Carve Pro is moving through it like it's a thin piece of balsa wood. 

Because the Easel Pro and X-Carve Pro work together, combining ease of use and power, the prototyping process is very fast.

Precision and Power

As mentioned, the articulating fingers have to be carved precisely in order to operate together, thus the repetitive prototyping. This kind of precision with large pieces of wood can only be achieved with a CNC that is not just powerful but built on a gantry and foundation that are very rigid and stable. 

Given the size of the hands, they are quite heavy. Paul was able to reduce the weight by using the X-Carve Pro to quickly remove large swaths of wood, effectively hollowing out a good portion of the palms. 

Whether you are taking on a large complicated project like the articulating hands, or developing new designs to manufacture production-grade products, having the ability to iterate and prototype quickly will save you a lot of time.

If you’re interested in hear about the project, and background on Paul Jackman, you should take a look at the interview Brandon Cullum did with him.


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