4 Ways To Add Value To Your Products with X-Carve Pro

X-Carve Pro commercial CNC machine

The X-Carve Pro and Easel Pro offer countless ways to add value to your products. We’ve chosen four that make it easy to expand product lines and create higher quality (and higher-priced) items. 

Deep, Powerful Carving

With each new piece of equipment, shops need to get the most out of the investment. With the X-Carve Pro, the power means the CNC router can carve thicker pieces of wood, faster. A great example of this power is shown by Jonny Builds Origami Door.

The build uses ¾” birch wood that the X-Carve Pro is able to carve quickly on one pass. With this speed, shops can produce substantial furniture or other projects more quickly. By increasing the production rate, shops can improve top-line revenue and margin. 

Precision, detailed carving

Details equal value when producing custom projects for your customers. Jen Woodhouse creates a wonderful relief in her hall console table. Imagine being able to add this level of design to your custom furniture, cabinets, or architectural moldings. The value of the piece can be greatly enhanced.

With the precision capabilities and speed of the X-Carve Pro solution, you can easily add value and increase your profit margin to your products.

Fast, Efficient Prototyping

When developing complex production projects, or one-off custom pieces, the ability to test designs and carves is critical. Prototyping is key to new product ideas and quick prototyping is important to efficient product development.

Paul Jackman used his X-Carve Pro with Easel Pro in the creation of the large articulated hands. As a custom project with intricate pieces that need to work together in a complex series of joints and pulls, getting accurate carves was critical. To get the individual parts carved perfectly, Paul prototyped them with the X-Carve Pro.

Flexible, Compatible CNC Software

Easel is a powerful CAD software for CNC hardware, combining a range of native capabilities to design and carve your projects.

Working in another CAD software? Easily import G-code to Easel Pro for seamless translates it to your X-Carve Pro. 

This flexibility allows any business to continue to use their existing CAD software, or adopt Easel software for designing their projects.


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