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4 Ways To Add Value To Your Products with X-Carve Pro

The X-Carve Pro and Easel Pro offer countless ways to add value to your products. We’ve chosen four that make it easy to expand product lines and create higher quality (and higher-priced) items.  Deep, Powerful Carving With each new piece of equipment, shops need to get the most out of the investment. With the X-Carve Pro, the power means the CNC router can carve thicker pieces of wood, faster. A great example of this power is shown by Jonny Builds Origami Door . The build uses ¾” birch wood that the X-Carve Pro is able to carve quickly on one pass. With this speed, shops can produce substantial furniture or other projects more quickly. By increasing the production rate, shops can improve top-line revenue and margin.  Precision, detailed carving Details equal value when producing custom projects for your customers. Jen Woodhouse creates a wonderful relief in her hall console table . Imagine being able to add this level of design to your custom furniture, cabinets, or architectural mold

Paul Jackman: Carved Giant Articulating Wooden Hands

How quickly you can bring new products to market often depends on how quickly you can prototype. As Paul Jackman at Jackman Works showed us, the X-Carve Pro puts the rapid in rapid prototyping.  Rapid Prototyping There are some products that can’t simply be done on the first try. The giant hands build is just such a product. With many carved parts needing precision assembly and the flexibility to move freely at all the joints, obtaining the right measurements required multiple prototypes. “It allowed me to do rapid, repetitive, prototyping.” -Paul Jackman By using Easel Pro[link], Paul was able to quickly modify the carves and send them to the X-Carve Pro[link]. Each revision advanced the design a little at a time until the fingers moved perfectly. It’s not just the Easel Pro CNC Software that allows for faster prototyping. It is also the power of the X-Carve Pro. In the video, you’ll notice that Paul is carving 2x lumber. The X-Carve Pro is moving through it like it's a thin pi

Paul Jackman. Interview by Brandon Collum

Bandon Collum and Paul Jackman had a great conversation about the X-Carve Pro and Paul's work with it to create large articulating hands. BC: What was your first impression of the X-Carve Pro?  PJ: The X-Carve Pro comes in a crate, and it's six or eight pieces. The whole gantry is all assembled. I got it together in a couple hours, maybe, and that's because I was taking my time. But it's, it's a very, very simple thing to put together. I was surprised. And I didn't have to like trim it or do anything fancy, like it was already very square and ready to go out of the box.  BC: When I first saw your pitch [for the articulated hand], I didn't realize it was going to actually work. How did you make the mechanism work?  So I basically cut out each finger on the X-Carve Pro in pieces and then sandwiched it together in three layers. And then within the three layers in the center, there were pockets cut out at the top for a bungee cord and then at the bottom for a pi