Jonny Builds' Origami Door

Forget time and size limits. With our latest X-Carve Pro system, you’ll only be limited by your imagination. The X-Carve Pro paired with the power of Easel pro will let you tackle the big jobs and get them off the machine faster.

Origami wood door carved with X-Carve Pro CNC Solution
The origami door that Jonny takes on may be one of those projects. It’s a really cool alternative to a regular door and is a fun build. It uses ¾” thick birch plywood & ¼” acrylic, has a lot of carves, and several pieces that have to fit tightly together.

It's the perfect project for the X-Carve Pro CNC Solution and Easel Pro software. 

Not sure how the CNC software and machine work together? Jonny gives a great explanation. Look for it near the beginning of his video. In short, CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, the software sends instructions known as g-code to the router telling it how far side-to-side, back-and-forth, and up-and-down to go (x, y, and z-axis).

There are a few features of the Easel Pro and the X-Carve Pro that really come in handy for this build.

The Right CNC Solution

Notice how thick the birch plywood is that Jonny is using. The X-Carve Pro makes short work of carving ¾ inch material and does it in one pass. For a project with the amount of carving that the origami door needs, your CNC machine needs this speed and power to carve hours off your build time.

Use your CNC carver to create templates that make it easier to install the hinges. On a normal door, hinges are not too hard. For the origami door, they have to be precisely placed to operate properly. Take advantage of the precision of the X-Carve Pro CNC Solution to create the templates for your hinge placements.

The Right CNC Software

Using the Easel Pro CNC software with the X-Carve Pro, he also added some cool design features to the door trim, over 6.5 linear feet. The tiling feature lets you make contiguous carves of virtually any length. Great for long trim pieces or even 4x8 sheets.

Easel Pro Software

The other nice feature of Easel Pro is that you can either design in it (it’s pretty powerful) or import SVG design files from other applications. This makes it great for creating and sharing project designs.

The origami door requires very precise and powerful carving from your CNC machine. It definitely helps to watch the build from start to finish. We appreciate Jonny taking on the project and walking us through his process. 

Jonny Builds’ Youtube channel has a lot of great content. You can also follow him on Instagram to keep up on his projects. 


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