Jen Woodhouse: Artistry. Elegance. Craftsmanship.

wood table detail carving with X-Carve Pro
 Inspired by Balinese carved wood furniture, Jen starts designing her Console Table with pencil & paper, makes it blossom into an elegant design in Easel Pro, and brings it to life with the X-Carve Pro CNC Solution. 

This console table project, including the intricate carving done with the X-Carve Pro, took one weekend. That’s it, just a weekend.

X-Carve Pro Precision & Speed

Take a close look at the design carved into the side and legs of the table. As Jen mentioned on her site, this level of detailed carving was not accessible for her until now. 

How? X-Carve Pro is shipped with pre-assembled and tuned axes, shortening the user’s assembly time and increasing accuracy to +-.001. Combined with the fast, powerful 2hp spindle, the X-Carve Pro is able to quickly carve even the most intricate patterns. 

Inventables Customer Support

As Jen was setting up her project, she contacted John from our customer success team to ask about the best way to organize her carve. If you are unsure about how to approach a project, contact us. We can do for you what we did for Jen.

“They (Inventables) were even able to cut my carve time from 18 hours down to about 7 hours by suggesting I use the Two-Stage Carving feature, which would allow me to use two different bits on the same project. I used a larger-diameter bit to “rough-in” the big areas before following up with a smaller bit to clean up the details.” 

Two-Stage Carving instructions here.

When Jen shared her project with us, we were thrilled. She took advantage of two of the key capabilities of the X-Carve Pro: Speed & precision. The machine(s) she was using before were not designed to match what her X-Carve Pro can do. Now, Jen is able to create without limitation from her machine. 

She was kind enough to share her design file as well. You can download it at Inventables Projects. Or, if you are an Easel subscriber, you can import the project directly into your account.

On the Business Side of Woodworking

Imagine if I were building furniture to sell – my productivity level would be through the roof!”

-Jen Woodhouse

For a business, whether selling furniture, custom cabinetry, architectural moldings, or any other home decor, the speed and precision of the X-Carve Pro can give you a great advantage. 

With the Easel Pro Software, you can design, or import designs, and apply them to your work for your customers with the X-Carve Pro. This is a great differentiator that takes very little time but can increase the retail value of your work.  It’s also the kind of customization that gets customers talking about you.


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