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Jen Woodhouse: Artistry. Elegance. Craftsmanship.

  Inspired by Balinese carved wood furniture, Jen starts designing her Console Table with pencil & paper, makes it blossom into an elegant design in Easel Pro, and brings it to life with the X-Carve Pro CNC Solution.  This console table project, including the intricate carving done with the X-Carve Pro, took one weekend. That’s it, just a weekend. X-Carve Pro Precision & Speed Take a close look at the design carved into the side and legs of the table. As Jen mentioned on her site, this level of detailed carving was not accessible for her until now.  How? X-Carve Pro is shipped with pre-assembled and tuned axes, shortening the user’s assembly time and increasing accuracy to +-.001 . Combined with the fast, powerful 2hp spindle, the X-Carve Pro is able to quickly carve even the most intricate patterns.  Inventables Customer Support As Jen was setting up her project, she contacted John from our customer success team to ask about the best way to organize her carve. If you are uns

Jonny Builds' Origami Door

Forget time and size limits. With our latest X-Carve Pro system, you’ll only be limited by your imagination. The X-Carve Pro paired with the power of Easel pro will let you tackle the big jobs and get them off the machine faster. The origami door that Jonny takes on may be one of those projects. It’s a really cool alternative to a regular door and is a fun build. It uses ¾” thick birch plywood & ¼” acrylic, has a lot of carves, and several pieces that have to fit tightly together. It's the perfect project for the X-Carve Pro CNC Solution and Easel Pro software.  Not sure how the CNC software and machine work together? Jonny gives a great explanation. Look for it near the beginning of his video. In short, CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, the software sends instructions known as g-code to the router telling it how far side-to-side, back-and-forth, and up-and-down to go (x, y, and z-axis). There are a few features of the Easel Pro and the X-Carve Pro that really come in handy