What’s a CNC Machine, you ask?

Unless you’re knee-deep in the manufacturing industry, chances are you’re not too familiar with CNC machining. Let us introduce you to the awesome world of X-Carve and CNC technology!

X-Carve CNC Machine

Simply put, the X-Carve is an automated carving machine that can turn a slab of wood, a sheet of

metal, or a block of foam or plastic into just about anything you can imagine. “CNC” stands for “computer numerical control” which means the X-Carve takes inputs from a computer and makes precise cuts using a mill, router, lathe, and other tools.
X-Carve CNC Machine

For decades, CNC machines have been used in the manufacturing industry. Many of the products that surround us, from the device you’re using to read this to the furniture you’re sitting on, were created using CNC machines.

Think of it like a 3-D printer. But instead of adding material to create an object, CNC machines use a ‘subtractive’ process, carving out your piece from a larger starting material.

At Inventables, we’ve taken this technology out of the manufacturing realm and put it into the hands of creative hobbyists and entrepreneurs like you!

What Can You Make With A CNC Machine?

When we say just about anything, we’re not really exaggerating. With The X-Carve CNC Machine and Easel Software, you can create from a single piece of wood (or metal, plastic), or you can use your CNC Machine to create components of a piece to assemble.

Wooden Laptop Table Made With Easel Software and X-Carve

The Wooden Laptop Table is a great example of creating the pieces with the Easel Software and the X-Carve, then prepping the pieces and assembling them.

wood stool carved with X-Carve CNC Machine
Another great assembly project is this Wood Stool by DIRESTA. He used one piece of wood, and, with the Eesel Software to direct the CNC router, cut all the pieces.  

Ready to try carving your first guitar? See how the X-Carve CNC Machine is used by carvers to create amazing instruments.


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