CNC Projects: Furniture Plans and Ideas

 It’s getting close to the gift-giving holidays, and what better gifts to give than those that come from your own hands. You can create signs, shelves, tables, and even chairs with the CNC router. Instead of spending time looking for that perfect gift that might not be so perfect, make a gift that you know will be appreciated. These plans can be imported into the Easel software.

Parametric Circle Cubby

circular wood cubby CNC project

The parametric circle cubby shelf gives you a unique way to display small knick-knacks and is a great conversation starter. You don’t need any hardware to assemble the shelf, which makes people look twice at it to try to figure out how you put it together. Carve the entire shelf on the X-Carve Pro using 1/4-inch sheets. The pattern calls for MDF, but you can use acrylic or various types of plywood. The project uses a 1/8-inch bit for the bigger cuts and a 1/16-inch bit for smaller cuts. The project takes a little over an hour from selecting your material through putting it together.

Otter Chair

wood chair for children with otters carved on sides

This small seat or step-stool is perfect for those who have small children. Whether they sit on the otter chair to listen to you read to them or use it to reach a shelf that is just out of their reach in their playroom, this seat is sturdy and cute. Use the bit of your choice for the texture. The project uses a 1/8-inch bit to cut the outline. Don’t forget to adjust for doing the right and left sides. But, like the designer, if you cut two left sides by mistake, you can always make two otter chairs. To make the edges smooth, you can use a round-over bit on a router.

Elephant Chair

wood chair elephant image carved by cnc machine

Make the elephant chair to go with the otter chair in your child’s room or playroom. Cut the texture using the V-bit of your choice and a 1/8-inch bit to cut the outline. If you keep going with other patterns, you’ll have a circus of benches for your little one. As with the otter chair, don’t forget to adjust for the left and right sides. And, using a round-over bit to make the edges smoother makes finishing this project faster and easier.

Floating Hutch

floating wood hutch with pieces carved with X-Carve and assempled

This project is quite a bit more involved than others, but it’s worth the time you spend on it. The floating hutch project uses laminated pine, but you could use any type of wood you want. It uses a French cleat to hang it on the wall. This project will take upwards of 4 to 5 hours, depending on the amount of time you spend on steps such as sanding and staining. You’ll need to make two dado cuts for this project. If the X-Carve doesn’t cut the dowel holes round enough, you can use a 1/4-inch drill bit to help round them out. Use a round-over bit to carve the hearts, the bridge, and the trim. You can also adjust the measurements to make this shelf deeper for larger items.

Wavy Side Table

cool wavy table design carved with a cnc router

This project uses 3/4-inch thick hard maple and walnut, but you can use any two species you want to make the wavy side table. You could also use the same species of wood and stain one side one color and the other side another color. Use a 1/4-inch bit to make the wavy cuts and to cut out the base. This small table is perfect for a lamp table or a small side table. If you make the legs shorter, this makes a perfect bed tray for breakfast in bed.

Chair Furniture

curved chair assembled form parts carved by an X-Carve cnc machine

This chair project has several smaller cuts, so using a 1/8-inch bit is called for. Whether you make these chairs to give your dining room a unique look or use pressure-treated wood to make a set for your deck, your friends will wonder how you made such a unique piece of furniture. The chair has a curved seat to make it comfortable to sit on without using a pillow or seat pad.

Making this year’s Christmas and other holiday gifts from right in your workshop gives more meaning since the gifts are something you took the time to make. Find more ideas in our free CNC project library.


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