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What’s a CNC Machine, you ask?

Unless you’re knee-deep in the manufacturing industry, chances are you’re not too familiar with CNC machining. Let us introduce you to the awesome world of X-Carve and CNC technology! X-Carve CNC Machine Simply put, the X-Carve is an automated carving machine that can turn a slab of wood, a sheet of metal, or a block of foam or plastic into just about anything you can imagine. “CNC” stands for “computer numerical control” which means the X-Carve takes inputs from a computer and makes precise cuts using a mill, router, lathe, and other tools. For decades, CNC machines have been used in the manufacturing industry. Many of the products that surround us, from the device you’re using to read this to the furniture you’re sitting on, were created using CNC machines. Think of it like a 3-D printer. But instead of adding material to create an object, CNC machines use a ‘subtractive’ process, carving out your piece from a larger starting material. At Inventables, we’ve taken this technology out

Using the Easel CNC Software to carve layered designs. Easier than you think.

Our community at has a lot of great contributors. We will be featuring some of their work, and sharing their tips & experience using the X-Carve and the Easel software .  Phillip Lunsford of PawPaw's Workshop, a lifelong woodworker, joined our CNC carving community about 4 years ago. He has been a great contributor to the community, sharing thoughts, designs, and advice. Today, we are sharing his video on creating layered signs using the Easel software.  You will hear Philip mention several times, “It looks more complicated than it is.”  One thing we hear from people who are interested in CNC carving but haven’t jumped in yet is that it looks kind of difficult. One of the great aspects of the Easel software and the X-Carve is how well integrated they are. Of course, you can use Easel with other machines too, but the two together make for a great CNC carving experience. Below are some broad steps and takeaways from his video. Watch the video fo

CNC Projects: Furniture Plans and Ideas

 It’s getting close to the gift-giving holidays, and what better gifts to give than those that come from your own hands. You can create signs, shelves, tables, and even chairs with the CNC router. Instead of spending time looking for that perfect gift that might not be so perfect, make a gift that you know will be appreciated. These plans can be imported into the Easel software . Parametric Circle Cubby The parametric circle cubby shelf gives you a unique way to display small knick-knacks and is a great conversation starter. You don’t need any hardware to assemble the shelf, which makes people look twice at it to try to figure out how you put it together. Carve the entire shelf on the X-Carve Pro using 1/4-inch sheets. The pattern calls for MDF, but you can use acrylic or various types of plywood. The project uses a 1/8-inch bit for the bigger cuts and a 1/16-inch bit for smaller cuts. The project takes a little over an hour from selecting your material through putting it together. Ot

9 Essential Tools Every DIYer Should Know About

  Whether you are doing a small repair job around the house or building furniture, there are a few essential tools you must have. These tools are ideal for every skill level, and they are designed to make your work easier. Some of these essential tools can handle a wide range of repair jobs and woodworking jobs. And let’s be honest as a DIYer, you can never have too many tools, but there are a few essential tools that every DIYer must know about and have in their workshops. The Essential Tools Every DIYer Must Know About Miter saw A miter saw is the most frequently used power tool in any workshop. This saw can cut through several materials, including ceramic tiles and lumber. A miter saw is a unique tool that features a swing-arm with a blade that can pivot to the right or left and make an angled cut. This saw can make quick cuts for window casing, door frames, picture frames, and crown molding. Woodwork Nation advises that every DIYer must learn how to use a miter saw. After all, ver