Woodworking Projects For Holloween

It's October, which means that goblins, ghosts, and witches are on everyone's mind. And while it may not be certain what kind of celebrations will be able to take place this All Hallow's Eve, with the CNC machine you can create decorations and more that everyone can safely enjoy. Here's a roundup of a few of our favorite CNC carving projects for getting into the Halloween spirit. 

Yard Decorations

cnc carver project - tombstones for holloween

The front of the home is the perfect place to declare your love for all things spooky. Halloween Tombstones can transform an everyday lawn into a classic horror movie setting. This free pattern is cheap to execute, and comes in various versions, including one for "Paul Tergeist" and another for "Dr. Acula." You can make them out of foam hardboard insulation or use plywood. With a 1/8" bit the project takes about 20 minutes per headstone for ones made from insulation. 

Another option for garden decorations is the Ghost Yard Sign. Just menacing enough, the project uses a 1/8" bit and recommends a 24 x 20 x 0.75 in piece of birch plywood for the material. 

House Decorations

Fun Holloween project for your CNC carver

Using PVC plastic and the CNC machine, it's simple to make these fun Window Decorations in a variety of Halloween shapes, including a cat, monster, and two skeletons. Affix to the window and add optional lights for the perfect window display.

Using a birch piece of plywood 24 x 12 x 0.75 in, these instructions tell you how to create a Glowing Skeleton. You can buy glow-in-the-dark paint or make your own from the simple instructions with basic art shop supplies. In addition to the glow effect, the separate 'bones' make this the perfect piece to hang where there is a breeze. 

Also using birch plywood, the Wooden Halloween Jack-O-lantern brings all the joy of its vegetable cousin, but will last for years to come. 


The Halloween Lamp can be illuminated with either LED lights or candles. Using MDF wood and a clear acrylic sheet the project not only creates a source of light but also creates fun silhouettes. The project uses a .125 bit to cut the MDF wood. 

holloween pumpkins carved with the x-carve cnc machine

If you're in search of a Halloween decoration that is more sophisticated, then look no further than the Wood Pumpkin Lanterns. They made from inexpensive 1/4 in. plywood, they are a classy addition to any room. While the project takes an investment of time, the payoff is in the finished product.  

This year's Holloween decorations can come right from your woodshop. Use the projects above or find the designs you like on our free CNC Project library


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