Grow faster with the new X-Carve Pro

X-carve Pro Carving 4x8 sheet

 Over the years, we’ve watched so many inspiring businesses begin using X-Carve. Most of these started as part-time projects, a side-hustle to make a little money. But then they grew into something more serious. We’ve spent thousands of hours talking with these owners to understand what they need as they expand, hire employees, and grow. They want to build products faster, carve with more precision and take on larger projects. Today, we’re excited to announce a solution for businesses that are ready to grow, the X-Carve Pro.

professional woodworkers showing thier X-Carve Pro CNC project

The X-Carve Pro includes major upgrades to our hardware, software and support. Our software, Easel Pro, now includes a Tiling feature so you can carve full 4’ x 8’ sheets seamlessly. This opens up possibilities for batch manufacturing, furniture, cabinetry, built-ins, molds and massive signs. The X-Carve Pro comes in two models—4x2 and 4x4—so both handle full sheets in a much smaller footprint.

4x8 wall art above couch carved with the X-Carve Pro

We also added a new library with over 3 million pieces of artwork. Sign makers rejoice! Whatever the job, you’ll have tons of good images to choose from. 

Significant hardware improvements mean that X-Carve Pro carves up to 25x faster and with higher precision. It can create detailed V-Carvings while having a 5.5 foot span on the gantry. To maintain rigidity we built a massive gantry system with a custom extrusion and die cast risers, installed 25mm ball screws with precision ground linear guides, and 292 oz-in stepper motors to achieve 300ipm rapid moves. It also features a 2hp (1.5kW) integrated air-cooled spindle with VFD (variable frequency drive), which requires no programming or set up.

With this new hardware you can perform deeper carves and remove material faster. In tests we carved ¾ depth per pass with a ¼” bit on birch plywood. That means more carves per hour and more jobs per day.

professional woodworking adding bit to the X-Carve Pro CNC Machine

The X-Carve Pro is designed to be usable by anyone. Find your nearest standard 120V outlet and you’re ready to go.

For X-Carve owners that are considering buying an X-Carve Pro, you can connect either machine and Easel Pro will automatically recommend the right cut settings. you can also store custom settings for each machine you own.

wood table made with X-Carve Prom CNC machine

The support team and services are also growing for our X-Carve Pro customers. We’ve increased the size of our US-based team who is available by phone, emails, and video chats every weekday from 9-5pm CST. We’ve also added two new warehouses, so we can ship to you even faster. We now cover 95% of the USA via ground shipping within two days. The X-Carve Pro includes a 1-year warranty which can upgrade to 3-years.

Easel Pro CNC Software operating with X-Carve Pro

Pre-orders for the X-Carve Pro start today. The price of both models will be 45% off and free shipping for orders placed by November 5. To see videos, learn more and place your order, head over to the X-Carve Pro website.


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