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Grow faster with the new X-Carve Pro

 Over the years, we’ve watched so many inspiring businesses begin using X-Carve. Most of these started as part-time projects, a side-hustle to make a little money. But then they grew into something more serious. We’ve spent thousands of hours talking with these owners to understand what they need as they expand, hire employees, and grow. They want to build products faster, carve with more precision and take on larger projects. Today, we’re excited to announce a solution for businesses that are ready to grow, the X-Carve Pro. The X-Carve Pro includes major upgrades to our hardware, software and support. Our software, Easel Pro, now includes a Tiling feature so you can carve full 4’ x 8’ sheets seamlessly. This opens up possibilities for batch manufacturing, furniture, cabinetry, built-ins, molds and massive signs. The X-Carve Pro comes in two models—4x2 and 4x4—so both handle full sheets in a much smaller footprint. We also added a new library with over 3 million pieces of artwork. Sign

Woodworking Projects For Holloween

It's October, which means that goblins, ghosts, and witches are on everyone's mind. And while it may not be certain what kind of celebrations will be able to take place this All Hallow's Eve, with the CNC machine you can create decorations and more that everyone can safely enjoy. Here's a roundup of a few of our favorite CNC carving projects for getting into the Halloween spirit.  Yard Decorations The front of the home is the perfect place to declare your love for all things spooky. Halloween Tombstones can transform an everyday lawn into a classic horror movie setting. This free pattern is cheap to execute, and comes in various versions, including one for "Paul Tergeist" and another for "Dr. Acula." You can make them out of foam hardboard insulation or use plywood. With a 1/8" bit the project takes about 20 minutes per headstone for ones made from insulation.  Another option for garden decorations is the Ghost Yard Sign . Just menacing enough