Projects for Home Organization

Stuff just has a habit of piling up around the home. If you're around the house more, it's the perfect time to get organizing. But sometimes finding the right place for everything you need to keep on hand requires building that right place. A CNC machine is perfect for building organizational tools that will keep your house tidy.

Wall Organizers

CNC Project - wall organizer

The Entryway Wall Organizer is perfect for those who like to be able to drop it all when they walk in the door. 

Based on a pegboard, this modular system allows you to change the configuration of hooks and shelves based on updating storage needs. It provides a space for hanging jackets, hats, bags, as well as glasses, keys and even electronics. Designed by Kati Farrer to be made with birch plywood, the project is 28 by 36 by 0.73 in. and uses an 1/8 in. bit. 

Wall organizer made with cnc machine

For those who want a smaller catchall that's perfect for both the entryway or the kitchen, the Sunglasses/keys/mail organizer is a great choice. 

This free design by Nick Brewer offers a simple way to store up to four pairs of sunglasses, three sets of keys and a few pieces of incoming or outgoing mail. The designer used hard maple for the project which is 12 by 8 by 0.81 in. and uses a 1/8 in. bit.

The Nightstand

night stand organizers made with a CNC Machine

Another place where things have a way of accumulating is on the nightstand, and the Wood Nightstand Catchall can provide a solution. 

The designer, Kat Harris Parker, used red oak in the 6 by 12 by 1/2 in. project that makes use of a 1/8 in. bit. The catchall is the perfect place to keep your cell phone as well as a watch, jewelry and cufflinks while you sleep. 

Those who need more storage in their nightstand might consider a larger project that only takes an hour to carve. The Plywood Nightstand designed by Yves Becker provides a nightstand with a built in shelf, and is made from a piece of 12mm thick cherry plywood. After carving you'll just have to sand, glue, reinforce with the dowels and finally apply finish. 

Cables and Desks

cable organizer stay

One thing that is always getting disorganized around the house are all the cables, regularly leading to tangled messes. 

The Cable Stay, created by By Design, provides an ideal way to keep charger cables well managed. The project is made from black HDPE sheet and 31% light transmission white acrylic sheet. Whether you need it for your nightstand or your desk, it provides a simple solution for keeping cables where you want them.

desktop organing trays build with a CNC machine

Speaking of desks, we have numerous popular designs for desk organizers, including, the Desk Organizer designed by João Leão, which not only includes a place for storing notes, it also has a spot for a coffee cup and a headphone stand. 

The project will take a few hours including a solid 60 minutes of gluing and carving. The designer used Blue MDF sheet to give the project its color, but it is highly encouraged to experiment with other colors and materials. 


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