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Preparing Reclaimed Lumber for Your Next CNC Project

Reclaimed lumber can be one of the most interesting materials to work with when you’re into CNC carving. For one thing, it holds a lot of beauty—and that’s true whether you’re using reclaimed lumber for the weathered look, the character, or because you’re in search of beautiful wood grain beneath the aged patina. Many also enjoy it because it’s an environmentally friendly material since you’re recycling previously used lumber rather than cutting new to create your projects. No matter what type of CNC project you want to work on, from signs to wall art, d├ęcor, and more, reclaimed lumber will add character to it. Read below to learn how to prepare reclaimed lumber as a carving material. Clean and Inspect the Lumber First Reclaimed lumber can come from any number of sources—old barns, warehouses, bowling alley flooring, you name it. Depending on where it came from, there may be a layer of grime obscuring the patina. So that’s the first step. Give the wood a thorough wash to remove dirt,