Selecting Your Next (or first?) CNC Project

One of the best things about CNC Carving is that you can create almost anything. But, this can also make it hard to decide what to make. One way to narrow your options is to create a theme and look for projects that align with it. One of our favorite themes is food.

You can design your own projects, or you can look to inspiration and CNC designs from others. Under the category of food (& kitchen), we’ve picked a few designs from our free library that we think are fun and are great CNC projects.

Beer Tote 

X-Carve Project - Beer tote

A popular CNC project for beer lovers &  carvers is this six-pack beer caddy.

It is a great project for beginning wood CNC carvers. Bill Childress, who loaded the design to our library (you can import it to Easel with one click), used hard maple and a ¼” router bit. But you can select your wood of choice (we recommend staying with hardwoods).

As you can see from the image of the Easel plan, there are 5 pieces for your X-Carve to cut, then you sand, assemble/glue, and finish

Easel Desing for Beer Tote
This is a fun and relatively quick project for a weekend afternoon. It can be used as a decorative item in the home as well.

Wine Bottle Rack

Sticking with the beverage side of our theme, you can try your hand at the Fluffy Wine Bottle Rack
CNC Wood Carving Project - Wine rack

This project is quite a bit more intricate than the first one, but it is worth the time. This plan involves the use of the CNC router, band saw, drill press, and cutting with a dado stack. Charles Gantt does a great job walking us through each step of the process including the materials, equipment, and router bits, so be sure to read through his instructions.

If you’re going to have a beverage, why not some cheese too?

The Cheeseboard

CNC Project with X-Carve - Cheese BoardThis Cheeseboard is a neat project combining Corian and wood. Evan and Katelyn imported a design into Easel and had to make some adjustments along the way. This CNC project is not overly complicated but does show you the importance of making sure your materials are properly prepared.

Evan and Katelyn created a pretty cool Corian cheeseboard with a wood handle. They used a Carvey, but since the design is in the Easel library, you can import it and run it on an X-Carve CNC machine as well.

This fun duo put together a video to show you how to make this project. They were also kind enough to walk us through some of the missteps so that you might avoid them yourself.

We will share more project themes, using a variety of bits, materials, and finishes. We’ll mine our library of CNC projects so you can easily import them into the Easel CNC software to get going quickly. One of the great things about the Easel software is that you can edit and save your own versions of the projects. So, have fun and experiment!


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