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Crisis (C) Rating System for Personal Protective Gear

Inventables has an incredible community of makers and small businesses that have the capability to manufacture personal protective gear.  Our customers are all over the world and likely don't have access to contacts at the FDA, CDC, or FEMA to get any of their designs approved.  Working with a few doctors and an epidemiologist we created this rating system.  Our customers and the maker community at large are engaged in the production of C3 and C4 equipment. Crisis (C) Rating System - Based off the CDC Guidelines The purpose of this rating system is to provide clarity as well as a quick guide to healthcare workers and patients on how to evaluate and prioritize the use of protective equipment in time of crisis. Conventional Equipment C1 & C2 C-1 FDA approved personal protective equipment. C1 measures consist of providing patient care without any change in daily contemporary practices. This set of measures, consisting of engineering, administrative, and personal protec