Starting a CNC woodworking business

Lots of Inventables customers buy an X-Carve and start making and selling products for supplemental income. They combine a hobby and a passion and turn that love into profits. Usually they first start making and giving products away for free. When they hit upon something interesting they start getting requests. One request turns into two and before they know it they are able to start charging for their work. This give away strategy works well because it gives the X-Carve owner a chance to learn the workflow on Easel and build up some confidence in their own abilities.

There are thousands of stories like this from customers all over the world. We are inspired by these stories because our vision at Inventables is to ignite a new product revolution by bringing manufacturing capability into the hands of millions of people.

Today, we'll share the story of Jay Kang. Jay traveled all the time for his corporate job. When he left his job to spend more time with his family, Jay decided to pick up woodworking as a fun hobby. His first project—a raised dog feeder—drew lots of interest on social media. Orders started trickling in and he needed a way to increase production.

X-Carve and Easel were the perfect pair for Jay's needs. With minimal design knowledge and zero CNC milling knowledge, Easel enabled him to design projects quickly and easily. He sends his Easel files to X-Carve for carving, letting the CNC machine carve while he works on other projects in his shop. In this video below Jay tells his story.


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