CNC machines are great for making a woodworking business more profitable

Tim Kuncis played college baseball at South Suburban, TCU and Northern Illinois. He's a baseball guy through and through. When he graduated from College he worked for a broker at the Chicago Board of Trade. As a married father of three kids with a job in finance life was pretty good. Then one day, he lost his job.

After losing his job, Tim began working as a contractor and learned to make things out of wood by hand. As a lifelong baseball fan, Tim came up with his own, one-of-a-kind design: a rustic American flag home plate. The first plates he made were done by hand. He customized them by player and even made them as awards for players on college and professional teams. The plate to the left was done for Stephen Strasburg a pitcher for the Washington Nationals who went 5-0 in the postseason 2019.
His unique plate design took off and orders came in quickly. Tim needed a way to make his plate production faster, cheaper, and more customizable. He found out about Inventable's X-Carve CNC machine and Easel design software. Working together, Easel and X-Carve allowed Tim to effectively scale his business with a minimum cost investment. The CNC technology allows him to carve out the letters in detail very quickly and accurately. He's also able to use inlay app in Easel to carve out the stars and the pocket for the stars on the CNC. This intricate detail is very time consuming to do by hand but with the CNC machine he does it in minutes.

With the help of X-Carve and Easel, Tim went from making baseball memorabilia as a hobby to a small business. He is now officially licensed with the Baseball Hall of Fame and Team USA. He followed his passion for baseball and his knack for woodworking and as a result Tim has had the opportunity to meet some professional baseball players who were inducted into the Hall of Fame including Pedro Martinez, Johnny Bench, Rollie Fingers, Harold Baines, and Jim Thome. In the video below you can hear more about Tim's story going from the Chicago Board of Trade to running a CNC machine in a business he is passionate about in his own words.


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